How much is it? Our business model:

At Telluselle Living Center, we want our customers to feel welcome to participate in all our various activities, regardless if it’s to take a dance class in any of the styles we offer, qigong, meditation or yoga, as well as be part of coaching conversation circles, under the same roof. This means that you pay the same price for any of the group activities. When it comes to private sessions, whether for coaching, healing, massage or perhaps an intensive class, they too will have the same price among each. Naturally, we will have a membership card with different payment plans, so you can choose how many classes per week you want to take.

For all our instructors and coaches, they too will be paid the same, regardless if they are employed or charging by the hour through their own firm.

The ownership and its responsibilities of the house and our organization, will be hosted by a Co-op.

Any questions or thoughts you’d like to share? Send an email to!

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