My name is Hannah Telluselle and this is my idea to build and create an organic wellness center that you can read about on this website and soon visit yourself. I hope you can join me in developing it into a franchised meeting place for all of us who love dancing barefoot through life and receive coaching towards personal growth, create new ideas and find fellowship.

I have a background in the advertising business as a professional copywriter based on Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm with about a decade of work experience both for business to business and customer oriented marketing. I also have the equivalent of an international Master’s degree in Workscience and Organizational Change that founded my next career as a motivational speaker and Lifecoach.

My passion however, is dancing, preferably Hawaiian Hula and Isadora Duncan which always makes me happy, loving and inspired!
I believe in creating beauty and fostering compassion with a sense of justice to be applied in life with care for ourselves, others and earth, letting it reflect in a stylish interior design, enabling a positive work environment. As a manager and CEO, I like my colleagues to be better than I am at what they do while I provide creative freedom.

I have written two books about my life in Sweden and the United States, sharing how many of our meetings can become life-lessons as life-giving blessings. Here you’ll also find out what my self-created and copyright approved name Telluselle means.

Find more about me at Learn more about the story behind the development of Telluselle Living Center here.

Contact: or by phone +46 700784754