The union

Yoga is commonly known as bringing a union between mind, body and spirit. I’d like to define it a bit differently. Yoga to me, is about bringing unity between our right and left sides of the brain. Our left side is commonly known for being the intellectual, verbal and logical side, also the masculine side. Our right side on the other hand, is known for things like intuition, visual and musicality, also the feminine side.

In yoga, there are several asanas where the motions are focusing on uniting these two sides, often by crossing the opposite hands and legs counter to each other. Have you tried it?

Find happiness

Joy isn’t the same as being happy. Joy is like a rare cherry on top that we get to experience in fleeting moments, without preparation. Happiness however, is something we can acquire on our own.

To feel happy, you must feel content. To feel content you must first feel gratitude. So, start or end your days by listing things you feel grateful for. It can be things you’ve bought or received by others, but it can also be appreciation of nature, of validating compliments or getting a need met like solitude, or even your basic needs. It can also be what you have achieved. An extraordinary thing then happens. You receive more to be grateful for! What will happen is that you will learn how to notice things more and this good energy will multiply and generate more, especially if you also give more. Soon, you’re going to think about what you would like to write down when you come back home and see how easy it is to list these things. How does this makes you feel? Happy of course!

But, if you struggle with not really feeling grateful, you might need to first create peace within. We do this through meditation and/or prayers. When you sit with yourself in silence, you enter your own inner space where you can listen to your thoughts and notice your feelings more clearly. You’re not your thoughts or your emotions, you are a being having them. Who is this being? Get in touch with that. From this sense of inner peace, you now can choose how to look at the world. What are you going to look for? Things to be grateful for?

Happiness therefore also is a choice, an approach or attitude (To me, it’s even making one!) towards life. How is yours?

Students of life

While we all should respect the rights of others and our own, it’s also important to provide space and time to discuss our values. Values are what we think and feel about different things. What we think and feel is most important and why. Together this creates a certain ideal of how we want life to be. And can be. We’re not going to create a Utopia but instead examine the ideals we live under and the ones we would like to have. How we want to look, how we want to eat, work, practice, relate and live. What others want in comparison, and find whether to create the same or respect the differences.

At Telluselle Living Center, it’s my ambition to have these type of discussions in small groups – sacred circles for conversations – and sometimes as seminars with guest speakers. We will also cover topics like feminism, organic living, immigration and similar.

Which are your values and ideals? Can these become your goal?

How to think green:

There are several perspectives to have in mind, when trying to make choices that are good for the environment, as well as for our own health. Here is an example. Let’s say you want to buy a pair of jeans. Then you need to think about the following besides design, fit and price:

  • Which type of fabric and how it is made, to be organic
  • Which type of dye is used and how it is made, to be eco-friendly
  • How it is manufactured, to curb climate change
  • Workers conditions, to be socially responsible as well as fairtrade ( paid according to share)
  • How the waste is taken care of, to be eco-friendly
  • How the distribution goes, to be sustainable
  • How long they will last, to be durable in comparison to the above

(These factors can also be taken into account for other things than jeans.)

A great example of a green innovation is the Orange fiber, an Italian business, who has created a new type of fabric, through making cellulose from oranges after they have been used to make juice.

Do you have any ideas of how to live a greener life? Let’s meet at Telluselle Living Center and brainstorm!

How much is it? Our business model:

At Telluselle Living Center, we want our customers to feel welcome to participate in all our various activities, regardless if it’s to take a dance class in any of the styles we offer, qigong, meditation or yoga, as well as be part of coaching conversation circles, under the same roof. This means that you pay the same price for any of the group activities. When it comes to private sessions, whether for coaching, healing, massage or perhaps an intensive class, they too will have the same price among each. Naturally, we will have a membership card with different payment plans, so you can choose how many classes per week you want to take.

For all our instructors and coaches, they too will be paid the same, regardless if they are employed or charging by the hour through their own firm.

The ownership and its responsibilities of the house and our organization, will be hosted by a Co-op.

Any questions or thoughts you’d like to share? Send an email to!

Celebrating Earth

Happy solstice and midsummer from Sweden! Here many celebrates the shortest night of the year, as well as hold a traditional feast with dances. It’s however not what I mean by saying that one of the values Telluselle Living Center is centered on, is “Celebrating Earth”. In Hawaii for example, there is almost no time difference at all between January and June but for less than an hour, in comparison to Sweden’s 12 hours. That, however, isn’t any disadvantage but rather a model of balance.

Celebrating Earth refers to one’s reverence to Earth as the important source for our lives, in our dance, qigong and meditation practices – all activities. Happy Earth!

Grandmother Oak

I started liking the oak tree when I was a student at Junior High in Sweden, where my school was named after one. And my mother was also a teacher there.

During my adult years, I grew appreciation for trees in general as part of my spiritual interest in shamanism and sensing the Great spirit, which later also is embraced in Christianity.

I see the oak tree as a symbol of growing in wisdom and thus would like to have one in the yard of Telluselle Living Center, if possible.

My university degree is indeed the study of knowledge (how we learn individually and in organizations, and how to manage and lead) so that makes it an academic fit.

And the fact that my Hula-school in Honolulu taught me a dance entitled “Grandmother oak” makes it even better.

Here’s to the oak tree!

What is healing?

To heal, is by holistic healing defined as to be restored, to be aligned with one’s true purpose, one’s original path.

We have gone havoc for many years with people seeking their purpose and path, rather than to heal where this unfolds naturally.

Healing is to center oneself and clearing outer effects as well as our own inner doubts. It is to dare say both yes and no and live according to one’s beliefs, causing no harm and being the leader of one’s own life. It is thus not any type of path to follow, or and specific career to seek, or even type of diet but simply to live truthfully to one’s own needs. It is this foundation that my lifecoaching and Telluselle Living Center rests on.


Tree meditation

I thought I’d share one of my favorite meditations to do outside. I started doing it in Sweden in 2008, as a way to release stress and recharge myself in a grounding way. Already in 1995, I learned about how some Native American tribes see trees as “The Standing people” with their own spirit and have often felt a certain type of peace when I go for my walks alone. I used to think of nature as my church.

While Buddha sat, I prefer standing:

Go for a walk in a park, or better yet, in the woods. Pick a tree and place your back against it as close as possible, so that you can liken your spine with its trunk.

Let any excessive energy, such as anger or frustration go down into the ground as if it was a lightening rod.

Take a couple of deep breaths with closed eyes and let yourself feel smaller than the tree. Imagine that the tree is older, wiser and both more stable and flexible than you are. Gently let this feeling fill you. And say thank you to the tree.

Your root-chakra grounding you with the roots, and your crown-chakra with the tree’s crown.

Open your eyes, stretch, and hopefully you will now feel refreshed!

Bathroom favorites

I started using body and haircare products, only made of biological ingredients in 2005, after becoming more concerned about both my own wellness and living more organic, after having to deal with blemishes and allergies for many years, and living in the special nature of Hawaii.

I have since tried several brands that are biologically produced, such as without parabens and other chemicals, whether cheaper and more available, like Urtekram, Lavera and Santé, but these however, remain my favorites! (For make-up, I prefer to use Jane Iredale):

It’s said that what ever we put on our skin or in our hair, should be what we also could eat.

Which are your favorites?

Get going with coaching!

To develop a more defined professional aptitude, ie get a good job that you like doing and/or will lead you to a better job, here are my assessment questions and examples, that I use in my life coaching. What you’re getting from me is my help for you to answer these questions and more, my support and new perspectives, on time dedicated to your progress. Ready to change?


  1. Introduction: Your current situation and life
  2. Personality: Who you are, your virtues and traits, type of
  3. Skills: Inventory of what you’ve learned in college, on the job and in life
  4. Values: What is most important?
  5. Vision and purpose: How would you like to live?
  6. Goal: What would you like to achieve and why?
  7. Strategy: How will you reach your goal? Resources, support and reward
  8. Evaluation: Follow-ups with action-steps taken

Things you have learned can be: Oral or written presentations, take notes, keep things organized, make phone calls, answer calls, sell, sort, count, use your hands, follow up, plan, summarize, do research, write, programs, translate, clean, care for, listen to others, ask questions, look up things, analyse, create ideas, take initiative etc

How do you like to work? Inside, outside, in your own office with closed door, in the same room together with others, regular day shifts or irregular, with travel, domestic and local, international or global, products or services, making, repairing or keeping, small groups or large, in person or online, leading or following.

Logo (2)

It’s all about being specific!

Contact me for a coaching session to get going!

Choosing perspective

Just like authors can tell a story from different characters’ point of view, we too can choose perspective when we engage in discussions about a certain topic.

Often a certain opinion becomes lifted as the “right” one because of the many likes it gets, or because the one saying it is famous, ie has many followers. Do you dare go against it? What do you really think?

To make it even more creative, you can choose the perspective, the approach, to a discussion on purpose. This opens up for less prejudice and less bullying, and at best can open up for more solutions. It’s also how we can encourage reconciliation and peace in agreement.

Next time you read an article about a hot topic, try seeing both sides.

If you see that someone could be threatened, you can choose to take the lead on that lurking threat by taking over their opinion to a certain degree, and thereby own the threat that therefore won’t be carried out. Taking the lead including with someone else’s criticism, enables us to take power over it.

Now, add your own real opinion!

Perfecting the pose

While yoga is an older practice than dance, yoga practitioners can still learn from dancers, just like we make good use of yoga, for example how to perfect a pose. Here are some pointers:

Where do you have the weight? On one side more on the other? On the front of you foot or on your heal?

Where are you looking?

How are your feet aligned?

Are the palms of your hands facing up or down, or in a mudra?

The more flexible we become, the more conscious effort we must make to engage our muscles. Even if we can rest comfortably in the “Swan”, we can also push and pull ourselves into more strength.

This awareness then becomes both a practice of mindful presence, and creating more centeredness together with right breath.

Every dance and yoga practice holds the opportunity to improve. It’s how we grow!

The photo is showing the tree pose in yoga, called Vrksasana.

The gift in dancing

The last couple of weeks, I have started practicing Isadora Duncan technique through online classes taught by Emily D’Angelo. And a couple of days ago, while I was dancing polka the Isadora Duncan way, I heard my own little bubbly laughter emerge again from within, not the normal kind of laughter because I’m tired or because of what I or someone else has said or done. But a laughter so precious, I can only recognize it as cooing, that I’ve only heard myself once having last summer here in Portugal in a swimmingpool.

Through skipping in a certain rhythm and finding myself capable to let go into the specific style doing it right (I hope), it enables me to feel joy. What a gift that is! I simply start smiling spontaneously.

Each dance style has provided me with a specific gift, or focus. The reward of each practice is simply how it makes me feel during, and after, a class. This has to do with both the nature of the movements, and the music. And expressing the purpose of the choreography.

African dance liberated my body and is great for a good physical workout with forceful gestures, going all out, with grounding root energy – opening.

Hawaiian Hula made me more in touch with my connection to Mother Earth and caring for myself and others with a greater sense of heart energy – embracing, and smiling for stage, found with love.

Isadora Duncan dance makes me feel in touch with the airy and light side of life, too with its own set of motions, where I get to use my body in new ways – expressing myself and smiling from within.

I can’t see it as anything more than the highest form of healing for me, in direct communion with spirit. A union between music and movement.

Photo of me doing an attitude from last summer, to become improved.

Sacred circles for speaking

There is nothing more important than to hear others and be heard. It is through active listening without prejudice AND active speaking about what is important to us, we not only grow in understanding but also heal and can move forward with our own life.

Therefore, sacred circles for speaking, will be at the heart of Telluselle Living Center, besides barefoot dances, qigong, meditation and organic beauty treatments and healing. The sacred circles will be of various types: Some to support a common experience or need, some to explore personality traits and expression, and some to discuss societal changes.

Together we define our own set of values and try to apply them in our daily lives, whereupon our successes and failures can be shared and discussed.

This type of Lifecoaching will be led by me and others, certified according to ICF’s standards, both for these groups, and for one on one sessions.

Contact me if you want to try!

Shining in the mirror

The dancer’s body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul. (Isadora Duncan)

How do we learn how to shine from within?

Through dancing Isadora Duncan, I have grown a greater awareness of my solar plexus, where the center of my personality is seated. Where joy is near and sincere.

Soul longs for freedom and space. The more I express my personality, the more it becomes safe at home with me. It’s also its need of expansion, that we need to acknowledge.

With a mutually respectful exchange and a sincere wishing well of each other, we can shine together.

To feel connected to our own inner sun, connected to the real sun, creates the foundation for a positive, lifegiving evolution, starting with our health.

Balanced by the sea.

Danced with spirit.


Any change is an opportunity to improve. What if we now get a chance to create a more healthy and sustainable society together? What would such a society look like?

My ambition is to start a worldwide franchise called Telluselle Living Center where people can come together and discuss, try, and evaluate improvements of their lives and the life of their community, with focus on green health.

What does a good job look like and what is most needed in society? How can we ensure a fair and just agriculture with only necessary trade to lessen transports? How much electricity, gas and water do we need? Where and how do people want to live and why? Which specific skills can you use to serve the world with? The key to all this is to be centered around fulfilling your own needs and contribute to the fulfillment of others’ needs with a sincere belief in everybody’s right to be happy, healthy, whole and prosper. 

Through coaching, creativity workshops, qigong and dancing barefoot to increase flow and happiness, and the use of biological products in a supportive environment that encourages education and personal growth, we can solve these issues and create a model house, where we also find the space to develop a more consistent relationship with earth. In harmony with each other and earth.

The path to joy

We are walking on a life path, it is said. Some of us walk on similar paths and this is what often creates conformity. When something happens that disrupts your walk, is when you have a chance to choose a new path or go back on the same. It should always be your own choice and this is why Professional Lifecoaching is such an important profession to enable empowerment and enmancipation. It is through falling prey, we get the opportunity to rise and break through the comfortzones of conformity. Leaving an abusive relationship in the 90’s became the beginning of my conscious ambition to heal. And going through the passing of my mother, became one of my open doors.

Experiencing joy in life is to me the ultimate healing and self-realisation. My path to joy, and how you can find your own, is what I’d like my third book to be about.

Making it safe to change

How come we don’t always do what is best for us? In terms of improving our daily habits, it seems quite contradictory to do the opposite instead of following through. Yet perhaps the initiative is imposed on us by others or we have to remain doing something in order to cope. There are two things getting in the way for change:

1. Our own instant gratification over long term satisfaction: The reward of doing a change must become greater than not to. It must simply feel better.

2. Others’ behavior towards, or affecting you, whether predictably or not.

It’s in the dynamics of the individual, organization (group) and society, changes take place. Some rushed through emerging trends, whether fear-based or fashionable, and some as reoccurring patterns that are cyclic and common for both individuals and organizations (groups). It was this that I studied at Malmö University and Hawaii Pacific University, so that I can both lead and coach others through change, preferably by your own initiatives that makes it more positive to experience.

How do we then create change? I have found that the energy that is needed is developed through friction evolving through a conflict, creating a need to move. A need to create something new. This why, in turn becomes the motivation to change.

The dancer of the future

“The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have to become the movement of the body. She will dance not in the form of a nymph, nor fairy, nor coquette, but in the form of woman in its greatest and purest expression. She will have danced the changing life of nature showing how each part is transformed into the other… She will dance the freedom of women. She will dance the body emerging again from centuries of civilized forgetfulness… no longer at war with spirituality and intelligence, but joining them in a glorious harmony.” (Isadora Duncan 1928)

What does it mean to live and express oneself accordingly? Can I apply this to my own life? It is the starting point for my next book: “The Call for Divine Harmony + collecting pearls of wisdom +”. More about that later.

Photo of me dancing on a beach in Portugal, similar to how Anna Duncan did.