At Telluselle Living Center you get the chance to meet likeminded people looking for support and encouragement to do their best, to relax, to learn more about themselves and society, to grow as trees of life and celebrate our connection to Mother Earth to come up with new ideas for work and play.

Each room is named and designed according to the natural elements symbolizing different aspects of who we are and what we do for practice to nurture ourselves so we can contribute towards creating a better environment at home, at work and at large.

Room Fire: Naturedances (Isadora Duncan, African, Hawaiian Hula, 5rhythms, Ecstatic)

Room Water: Dayspa (Organic beauty products, Hairdresser, Massage therapists etc)

Room Metal: Seminars (Motivational speakers, workshops and presentations by different organizations)

Room Air: Relaxation (Qigong, Pilates, Chanting and Meditation etc)

Room Earth: Coaching (One-on-one, conversation circles, study groups) & Yoga

What would you like to see here? Welcome to submit your own suggestions!