Coaching is a conversation technique that aims to bring forth insights and encourage motivation. Each coaching session, whether in groups or individual, is designed to make progress through dialogue. A dialogue is not merely a conversation, debate or discussion, but a planned, structured, organized meeting with an agenda that everyone agrees upon before the dialogue starts, without fighting to be right, but to hear each other out, with a positive attitude and genuine curiosity. We use a simple questions and answers technique, similar to what Socrates did. Be willing to talk! Coaching in groups can be compared to a round-table discussion where each party has his/her say in order without interruption, focusing on a specific topic or theme, as decided beforehand. The aim of personal coaching is to solve a problem, and reach a goal, with you feeling stronger in your decision-making.

By preparing an issue or a topic, we define what needs to be solved, clarified or changed. To do so we must decide and respect the rules of the meeting, with open minds and hearts, while remaining authentic to our experiences and values, expressed with honesty and full disclosure. Furthermore, we must focus on the topic and let it evolve through the group members as each person contributes with his or her opinions and examples. This creates a natural flow of continuation towards more enlightenment and healing, when we understand ourselves and others better approaching both the topic, yourself and the coach, with humility and curiosity. 

When do you need a coach and for what purpose?

Every sports team need a good coach to win, but also to feel good about not winning and still continue. So do also all the teams at our jobs, or you, yourself as a sole practitioner, might benefit to have a personal coach. Examples of when you can benefit from seeing a coach:

  • Going through life changing events like after a divorce, unemployment, maternity leave or crisis of age
  • Starting a business or closing one
  • Taking up an old hobby or other interest to pursue as a career
  • Personal development after moving
  • Reaching a specific goal
  • Manage your time better, organize your things and daily habits
  • Feeling stuck and desiring to improve your life in one or many areas

What is required of you?

Between each session you will have the chance to try to start taking steps towards fulfilling your desired outcome. This can be simple tasks like requesting more information, book a meeting and have one, as well as exploring your own frustration and fear, writing a new resume or setting a boundary within an existing relationship. At your next session we will follow up what you did and how it went. Whenever resistance or obstacles come in the way, we’ll talk about that and see whether you can approach the action-steps differently or choose another way. Maybe the problem itself is something else than you first thought it was. Don’t be surprised if I pull out a big white sheet of paper to brainstorm new ideas with you! This enables you to see new opportunities, as well as list pros and cons, so you can make more aware choices and decisions. You are required to be willing to try, and to commit to three months (ie five to six sessions, meeting in person or by Zoom every other week) to see results.

What can you be coached about?

At Telluselle Living Center you can choose to be coached either one-on-one or in small groups. Here are our sessions that you can book (subject to change):

  • Find your motivation (how you can find and use your passion to feel more satisfied in life at work and in your community)
  • Being of service (career changes and feeling good meanwhile)
  • Assessing your competence
  • Lifebalance with sustainability towards green health
  • Go for a goal by defining and setting the conditions and needed action-steps

In small groups you can be coached with others to:

  • Define a change and start doing it
  • Explore your values and virtues
  • Share your experiences and life-stories for support
  • Explore ideas to invent new green things or methods
  • Fostering a positive community

We also offer conversation circles based on a chosen topic that has to do with eco-friendly living whether to explore new ways to reduce waste, reuse and recycle, what to buy and use at home, at work, or define how to exercise loving-kindness on a daily basis. 

The only way to see if coaching works, is to try it!