When you enter the house where Telluselle Living Center is, I want you to feel instantly refreshed and welcome. Not a sanctuary to escape to, but to a meeting place with rejuvenating atmosphere, where you are grounded with bamboo and with smart solutions for a thriving planet. I want you to feel good to see the small details of carefully chosen cutlery and lamp fixtures, comfortable chairs to sit on in our candid conversation circles and supportive floor for bare feet to take off in flight as you let loose in our dance studio with a high jump. Each room a color. Easy to keep clean, perhaps with a lingering scent of natural soap just like there will be a sense of order and harmony around us to enable a focus on oneanother in our café. All to be enjoyed to a reasonable price that you can afford to do each week for a lasting effect close to where you live and work. The first step towards making a positive change is to change a habit, it is said, why don’t you start by creating a new one here?

Do you have ideas of your own that is good for building and keeping our environment clean, healthy and beautiful? Let us try them!

— Hannah Telluselle — founder of Telluselle Living Center —