What is healing?

Are you led to believe that healing is a ritual that require lit candles and soft music? While rituals can be comforting and create a sense of sacred space, it doesn’t constitute healing.

To heal, is by holistic healing defined as to be restored, to be aligned with one’s true purpose, one’s original path. We were born perfect into this world and we thus strive to reclaim this purity. By looking at what works and what is good, we can reclaim this for both our bodies and our soul, hence the importance of wellness practices to foster a welcoming heart and a healthy body for us to fully reside in.

We have gone havoc for many years with people seeking their purpose and path, rather than to heal where this unfolds naturally. We are not here to cure an illness, but to try to remove what caused it, by tending to what makes us feel well. By this I mean, to rather seek to create good conditions for living, than trying to become something. We focus on what works and aim to let that grow.

Healing is to center oneself, and clearing outer effects, to live as unique individuals in integrity and harmony. It’s to dare say both yes and no, and live according to one’s beliefs, causing no harm, and being the leader of one’s own life. It is thus not any type of path to follow, or any specific career to seek, or even type of diet, but simply to live truthfully to one’s own needs and be your own best self.

The result of healing can be perceived when something that didn’t work before, now does again, in our daily lives, hopefully even improved. This can come about through realisations that were made either through therapeutic dialogues, or by yourself journaling or meditating, reaching insights that you apply by acting on them. Healing can be facilitated by letting this desire to, become brought into awareness. But, it’s an ongoing process, that our Ego tends to come inbetween “wanting to heal too much”, without doing so. What we always have to remember, is to relate with our own lived, personal, examples. This is especially important if someone claims to be a “healer”.

It’s this foundation that Telluselle Living Center rests on. To help let go of, energise and refill, we will offer Pranic healing, Lomilomi massages and Acupuncture, besides Qigong. To enable mending of relationships, whether in person or in spirit, we do Ho’oponopono. And for forward motion in your life with an empowered will, you can receive Lifecoaching. All framed with faith.



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