My planned location for Telluselle Living Center is in a park in the city for easy access during the whole week for our members.

While looking around in Stockholm, I found two historical sites resembling what I have in mind to build.


This is a pavilion called the Turkish kiosk from the late 1700’s, with an interesting shape and beautiful light through the side doors and little wings. Imagine this in a larger scale with actual rooms at each wing, held together.


Here is another example of a possible location in Stockholm, Sweden, that I found a couple of years ago, which used to be an old spa.

The address is between two universities with close access to subway stations, and is called Uggleängen (Owl’s meadow) and perhaps a place for outdoor activities to try during summer. And/or building the house across from the pavillion on the other side of the bike-path with the same color and style, in bamboo.

What do you think? The purpose is to blend in with the environment while adding something positive!