The development of Telluselle Living Center started off as my own interest in wellness. In 1998 while I worked as a professional copywriter in advertising, I provided a supplier for natural supplements with texts for their exhibition material and corporate presentation and thought about changing career.

In 1999, I took a three month course in Project management for cultural performances at Folkuniversitetet in the south of Sweden, and this is where the idea to start my own coaching business was invented. I called it “The Gazebo” and had in mind a type of mall, for health related services, rather than stores, and presented it to Patrik Arlesäter, the founder of Forum fitness club in Malmö, Sweden, who was just about to expand his business with similar ideas. He became a little like my business mentor.


He offered me an assignment in 2000 to write and be the editor for their promotional wellness magazine to their members, while I took my Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral sciences (Workscience with a focus on competence development) at Malmo University. Much of my previous practices in Qigong and personal development, alongside my education, came to be a source for my writing, together with making feature stories about health profiles and articles about spas, personal development etc for four whole issues. I also received free fitness and began to exercise more, by lifting weights and practice Body Balance, which later turned into Power Yoga. I still do yoga.

In late fall 2001 I started my own coaching practice called Balansfokus, with a popular newsletter to about 100 subscribers. My writings were about a variety of themes and topics, inspired by Cheryl Richardson. I did some public speaking and held coaching sessions both for small groups and individual clients through Drivhuset at Malmö University, where I also presented a professional paper about this new upcoming profession in 2002-04, alongside a development plan for including coaching in their career center.

After tending to a family emergency, I went to Hawaii 2004-05, where I studied Organizational Change and Hawaii Pacific University at Graduate level and was introduced to Hawaiian Hula. Upon my return to Sweden, I started performing and offering dance classes, which also was incorporated at Forum for a summer session. In 2007-08, I wrote a book and looked into starting up my business as a night class type of enterprise in collaboration but none wanted to be the first. I moved back to Hawaii in 2010 to finish my Master’s degree and deepen my skills in Organizational Development (with culture and motivation as my main focus).TLC-logo

Back in Honolulu, I came into contact with Kanu Hawaii, a community organization focusing on environment and compassion, I developed my business plan further with a sharpened eco-friendly approach and business model, while I also met with an architect, who can design the house according to my vision. I also connected with Holistic Honu Wellness Center in the Berkeley area to seek collaboration, alongside Pranic Healing through Unity Church, Still and Moving Center in Honolulu, independent Lomilomi practitioners, Kirtan groups and others in 2011, after I had finished translating and editing my first coaching-book into English.

Since I was forced to leave the United States in 2012, this was put on hold here, while I decided to find new interesting people in Stockholm to see if we could meet and start working together after all. I went back to African dancing for a while and found my own preferred dance style Isadora Duncan in 2014. I started practicing Qigong with a new routine and tried another Buddhist mantra, as well as attending Catholic Mass and international Bible study groups to be able to discern and differentiate my own activities properly from that of a church. Meanwhile, I had also come up with the idea of making a bamboo lei and wrote my second book in English about my detention, hoping that it will gain enough attention as a beginning point of a discussion about immigration worldwide.

Right now, I am focusing on the core of my part of the business idea, which is to offer coaching sessions, while keep my passion for dance alive. I enjoy bringing internationals together in meetings that can create a place for think-thanks, support groups, coaching with other activities, such as nature based dances, qigong, workshops, body therapy and organic café. All to become housed under one roof, preferably in San Francisco as the original plan was in 2010.