Do you strive for balance and harmony? Then Qigong is a method, we truly recommend. According to Chinese Medicine we have meridians throughout our bodies, in which energy flows. When these are blocked, an imbalance will affect the rest of our body, mind and heart, which eventually could lead to an illness if not taken care of properly. Balance is created through motion; to allow ourselves to contract and release, to be extroverted and introverted, to be active and to rest, with awareness and awakened sensibility to what our bodies are telling us about ourselves, others and our environment, in order to respond appropriately.

Qigong is a series of motions with corresponding breathing and visualization technique, aligned with symbolism of earth, to help us become more in balance with ourselves and our surrounding environment. Those of us who are dancers, might not need to use Qigong to become more flexible or strong, but for mental and spiritual training in between, that enable us to focus, breathe better and be grounded.

Holden Qigong has classes both online and on location. Here is an example where you can try to follow this video, which has been proved helpful in many ways, especially clearing out other people’s energies, centring ourselves and reclaiming our own Chi. Read more here.