Welcome to a uniquely designed octagon shaped house made of bamboo, according to the natural elements, with one room representing each, inspired by the BaGua in Feng Shui.

Have a seat in our organic café and enjoy the local artists displaying their work depicting Mother Earth

Join a support group and share to feel strengthened in your effort to improve your life.

Book an appointment in our day-spa to receive a treatment based on biological products that you also can buy here, and continue to use at home.

Dance with your heart in life-giving rhythms in a variety of styles such as African, Hawaiian, 5rhythms and Isadora Duncan to celebrate Mother Nature.

Renew your focus and purpose with life coaching to live your passion and have a better balance in your life.

Find your peace through meditation, qigong, yoga and chanting practices.

Explore your values, lead with example and increase your creativity in our conversation circles.

Listen to inspiring lectures from motivational leaders and non-profit organizations who needs you to root for their causes.

Become part of an eco-friendly community where all instructors are equally paid owning it as a co-op.

We care about ourselves, others and earth.

Behind this initiative stands Hannah Telluselle who has worked as a life coach since 2002 both with individuals and small groups, and is passionate about dancing and living in harmony with Mother Nature.


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