The first time I started a business of my own, was in December 1996 when I was working in advertising. I was employed as a full-time copywriter but often found that at certain hours of the day, I had nothing to do, while still becoming required to work overtime anyway with something that needed to be solved or written without extra pay. I was also seeking to try a new type of clients and being able to focus more on the craft and creative process and less on the prestige, politics and talk of the business. After an argument with my boss, I decided to quit and ran downstairs to my office that I shared with an older Art Director called Maggie Alderin, when he ran after me and offered me a better pay, more freedom with free working hours and support with a set number of “gigs” (assignments) for the coming six months. After New Years, I had my own firm called “CC Reklam” and even had an accountant doing my taxes. I also made enough to be able to buy a new mountain-bike through McCann who worked with a famous Swedish brand for the same and go to San Francisco both to show my portfolio to two agencies (the office for McCann there, who could give me an unpaid internship back then until I learned better professional writing English, and the then Swedish new internet firm Spray who offered me a job) and simply get some R&R. Was it there I was going to move?

During late fall 1997, I was offered a full-time employment again by a headhunting firm in Sweden and accepted it, to “be a responsible adult” with “financial security” which everybody around me thought I should. It turned out to be the absolute wrong decision, which ultimately led to that I quit advertising altogether in 1998. I did however, contemplate the need of an academic education besides the one I had from the private advertising school Berghs’. I also felt the need to have someone coach me after my mentor had passed away, while he had thought just some days before his passing that I was ready to pass it forward. At times, I also felt my physical health was in the way and didn’t know then what was wrong, what was taken from me when I was about to do presentations for example – something I have always been very good at since I love being on stage, including using the normal nervousness with adrenaline to improve my performance.

In spring 1999, I came up with the idea that would develop into Telluselle Living Center and started pondering about how to start it. I therefore pursued becoming a Professional Lifecoach by bringing it into the university world to receive the necessary accreditation and support alongside checking the interest in the marketplace. In 2002, I started my new little firm called Balansfokus and soon had my first clients, later also new paying clients and speaking engagements focusing on coaching, change and motivation.

More about this here.


It was in 2006 I got my diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. My physician warned me of having it on paper since after that I might be continuously misinterpreted by other regular physicians whenever any other problem would arise. Interestingly, I have never had any problem when seeking help or temporary medicine to deal with physical symptoms. However for some reason, it has never been solved with therapists and psychiatrists who all refuse to even discuss it here in Sweden.

To me, it’s a matter of becoming stifled and overwhelmed with a memory when it becomes triggered by for example a sound (or a thing, place or other visual object) that reminds me of a trauma. This can produce seeing what happened again inside my mind even if I am in a different environment. Then this memory provokes feelings of fear, sadness and anger (mostly because I am being refused dealing with it professionally, having it resolved and become delayed getting my needs met and be able to move forward).

I realized that I had PTSD myself during my studies at Malmö University when I had a reaction with a classmate and realized why, that my reaction was unfounded but came forth due to a past trauma. (He put his hand on my shoulder from behind to say hello in the school library and I almost hit him because of a sexual assault that started that way.) Thankfully, Nils Phillips was an understanding guy and nothing bad happened, in fact he rather enabled me to dance in underground clubs and parties to release some of my stress and start to reclaim my true self together with some of the other guys in the class, a journey that started then and there in spring 2000 when I also had set out to become a Professional Lifecoach and explore the path of the shamanic healer.

Another example is seeing a pair of black shoes for sale in Stockholm 2015, that had the same soles that I wore when I was working in the prison kitchen at FDC Honolulu 2012.

What improves my state of PTSD? That is easy – less stress does. Less stress paying my bills, buying food, eating and sleeping without being intruded or delayed or worse stalked. Going to a new environment such as to Germany was also helpful in the way of making new impressions rather than dealing with the old, however that also fills up the glass to overflow and spill. Mine is never “half-full or empty”, it is either “just enough” or “too much” seriousness.

The remedy? Fun in the sun of course! And time to relax safely, with what I need, taking in beautiful scenery to have soothing images also in my memory.



To learn a dance routine, we can simply study and mimic each motion to the best of our ability. This is important to make the performance both authentic and in sync with the other dancers and the music.To understand a choreography however, we can study the history behind its creation, the creator itself and therethrough learn the meaning. And then let the same process and emotion unfold in us to its own expression.Then we must still fine tune those motions. Repeat, rehearse and practice. Hopefully with joy!

(For those of you who know the Isadora Duncan style, I do see two things that needs to change, but at the same time, this became a new motion.)


The spa ritual is as old as us, where we take baths both to get cleaned, but also rejuvenated and sometimes healed. Through our skin, we can absorb minerals and biological nutrients, just as we can attract dirt and pollution.

Salt from the ocean is the most potent and common way of taking a bath, since it aligns with our natural balance of water in our own bodies. Our body in harmony with the body of earth.

Then we can add various etheric oils, which scents affect our sense of wellbeing, especially when heated up and dispersed into the air. Do you want to feel uplifted or relaxed?

We can also use semi-precious gemstones that vibrate at various levels, also to help us balance ourselves back to our original state of health, the holistic belief.

Here is a sample of one of those combinations of crystals made into salt, to enable a return to the same pH-level we once lived in our mother’s womb.

You can also try to pick a gemstone and carry with you, or to sit and hold while you meditate, either to release old energy into, or to charge yourself with, while lessening the energy radiating from computers and TV’s where you live. Mountain crystals always work, just as Rosequartz – little pieces of earth connecting us with the places they came from with their inherent special benefits.

Be one with nature!

(Notice the smart way of using a wall for a shower to the bath-tub!)


… is always going to be humans.

It’s simple things like how we pollute the air with car-exhaustion, besides wars and bombs, and how we litter our oceans with trash so Dolphins gets trapped in nets, leading to our precious eco-systems becoming disturbed in its balance. A balance we can belong to. But what is even more threatening, is all the travel people do.

Migrating brings not only conflict among ourselves, but spread diseases, robs areas of natural resources and human capital that no longer can get fed and live on their own. Therefore, the biggest threat to climate change and the emerging need for action, is an issue of immigration and health – to find our own best natural habitat and stay there.

Tourism has to be curbed with a limit to spending. Two weeks per year of course, but not weekends in Thailand when you live in Sweden. How much do you then destroy where you are going to? Instead we must focus on creating sustainable venues with eco-tourism related assignments to foster a caring relationship with Mother Earth on location to increase understanding and motivation to continue at home.

How do we become clean? By simplicity, by taking responsibility for our choices, eating natural ingredients, preferably locally produced, remembering that the body of Mother Earth is nothing but an extension of our own bodies.

What have we done so far? Electrical cars is one great invention, (Is there an electrical VW beattle yet? We women love driving them in our family. We’re Holocaust survivors on my mother’s side.) wind-turbines another. Can you think of other examples? Please share in the comment section or link to your blog and add your own ideas!

I hope you will also come and discuss with others what we can do regularly, at Telluselle Living Center.


We all seek excitement and yearn to feel guided in our lives, as well as be entertained with a good mystery to solve. Are there then actual signs we can follow?

IMG_5006 (2)

Just like with symptoms and the weather, we can feel it as a positive or negative reinforcement in our bodies, an alignment of our own plan or an inspiration to change direction. What the most important thing to remember is, it’s always best perceived personal. Nobody can know what you are thinking and remembering. This is the foundation of your interpretation – what you uniquely associate with what or who you encounter spontaneously, while also listening to your intuition. Want to try?

Start by walking on different streets on a different hour than you normally would. Let yourself be open and present while you take the time to enjoy your surroundings. A sign can be a name, an actual sign, something showing in a window, what someone is wearing or saying, or even how the clouds shape in the sky.

Let me give you an example. I became stalked more intensly when I lived in Stockholm, growing worse in 2014 and onward. In one way, it could be the same guy like before and in some way it felt like it was done differently and more thorough, like a woman would. But who?

One day, I passed by an apartment building on a street I hadn’t been on for two decades, while feeling spirits around me. I looked in to see the table of tenants and saw two sets of “Rogmark” on it. A Swedish last name that I immediately associated with one of my friends at Malmö University, Petter, who married a woman called Camilla Rogmark in 2003. A guy I tried to contact among the first when I had been deported back to Sweden from the US, since he has been part of a UN batalion, worked as a high ranking officer in the Swedish Defense Headquarters and studied communication. He has also worked as a guard at Securitas I believe, and has been a nice guy, I have met outside our classes a couple of times.

Logic reasoning made it easy to understand, the stalker would have to be someone with access to a warehouse of used things and clothes, perhaps a stylist, a vintage store worker or someone working in a theatre, placing things where I have lived and on occasion taken. But who? I had also felt energy-vibes and met some people from my old small hometown Eslöv, in Stockholm, making me wonder.


A couple of weeks ago, I passed by this wall on Schubertstrasse here in Frankfurt. It looks a little like the ones homes have in Hawaii, so naturally I peeked into the lobby and glanced through the names of who is living there. Could it even have any available apartments? The name “Herskowitz” caught my eye. Isn’t that the name of that librarian in Lidingö, who also have lived down south Sweden? I also had a vague recollection of a family with that name in our town, Jewish, I believe. Perhaps even wealthy enough to buy apartment buildings, like Roger, a friend’s beau.

A quick googling later, I found the name “Julia Herskowitz”. Could it be her? 30 year old Swedish woman with German heritage, working as a costume designer and studying set design at Dramaten, Sweden’s old opera theatre.

Then add the presence of my grandparents’ spirits, feeling like death was near several summers in Lidingö etc, all to my rescue with their warnings.


But how does this connect to Camilla Rogmark and the name twice? Well, Julia is also the name of Jesse’s former fiancee (my favorite fisherman – a special guy in Hawaii I loved, who hands out warrants and restraining orders, through who I found Christian faith after my mother has passed away) just like I was born called Camilla. The name.

Mystery solved!

(All has been reported continously to legal authorities in several countries and part of why I had to postpone starting up Telluselle Living Center. On whose initiative the stalking is of me could be her own, Barack Obama’s or Malin Berghagen – it’s mir egal!)


This tree stands in an octagon shape outside an Italian ice-cream café in Frankfurt. What is neat about that, is that it’s actually the design-idea I had, in 2010 when I developed my business plan for building Telluselle Living Center – to build it like an octagon shaped house with a tree in the middle, since we all need trees to live. For oxygen, for shade and sometimes even for nutrition. Looking at a tree regularly keeps you present while you see how the seasons are changing. Not to mention our birds and small mammals need to use it for living in, just as we often use the wood to build our own homes. To connect to a tree is one of the most natural thing to do that is good for our health. This is also why we will have a bench around the tree for people to sit with their back against it. Remember, Buddha became enlightened when he was meditating under a tree. Can you too?


Would you like to feel more connected to nature right now? Try meditating with a tree. Sit on the ground, or stand, with your back directly leaning against the tree so you can feel your spine aligning with the trunk. Then let yourself become like the tree. Inhale and exhale, letting the tree charge you with its energy, while you discharge your upset feelings into the ground – the tree functioning as a natural lightning-conductor. We have all learned to avoid trees when it is thundering outside, but when we are the thunder with our anger, however, we can let the tree pull down our energy into the ground.

Nurture your own inner tree as well as nature’s own. Hug one!


There has always been a longing for me to not have to wear makeup. To dare to be bare and just feel fresh. Or just to put on a little mascara. Sometimes however, make-up can be a shield with our skin which also is the third lung of our bodies according to Chinese Medicine, but also in a way towards others. But does it become a mask? It seems that is what happens when some people go overboard with their cosmetic surgeries. Isn’t it a longing then to hide their insecurity behind a layer of seeming perfection, a facade?


A shield can also be spiritual and personal. A spiritual shield is created by joining others in prayers or when receiving others’ blessings and with the help of angels. I can feel a softness of my heart when I do, just as I can feel that Muslims can even out the Christian, but perhaps function better as a protection, just like the Buddhist one, enables a joining of a sort of friendship. Maybe it’s a matter of finding balance between daring to need others, male and female.

The personal shield is our personality – our Ego – that is shown in how we naturally enjoy expressing ourselves. At best, wearing makeup then becomes the enhancer of our best selves or the part we want to promote the most. And on stage the freedom to be someone completely different.

To have a good shield, requires good health. How is yours and what strengthens it in a positive way?

Brands that are biological and you will be able to buy and use at Telluselle Living Center are: John Masters’ Organics, Uertekram and Lavera, with the add of one locally made!

The bark of the tree seems to have been harmed due to pollutions in the air.


To reach your goals in life or simply live a happy and healthy life, there are two things to consider: What you want and why (Can it do good for others?) and which conditions can enable that?

To find out where and how you would like to live, you must clearly set your own standard that you don’t derive from. Here are questions to answer to get you started:

External needs:

Which temperature do you prefer inside your home and office?

Which temperature and climate do you prefer it to be outside?

Which type of air and humidity alongside weather and season do you prefer for working and relating?

Where can you access a bit of nature?

When do you feel your best? Why is that? Who are you with and where? What do you then need to be like that again?

How would your favorite home look like in terms of style and amenities?

Physical needs:

When do you feel rested and relaxed?

What can you do to feel rested and relaxed?

What inspire you and gets you going?

How many hours of sleep do you need and during which time of day?

What kind of food are you eating and how does eating different things make you feel different? What are your preferred taste?

Which types of fitness exercises can you do to get in shape?

What do you like wearing?

Which products do you need to take good care of yourself?

Do you need to schedule a session with a physio-therapist to heal an injury, or release and realign a stressed spine? Would some massage help you?

How often do you want to have sex, how, when and where?

Mental needs:

What would you like to learn more about?

What inspires you?

What are you telling the world about yourself and your life? How is it for real?

Emotional needs:

When do you feel safe?

Who makes you laugh?

When, where and how can you share your troubles, ponderings and opinion about what is going on?

Who gives you a hug and who can you hug?

What are you grateful for?

Spiritual needs:

What do you believe in?

What is your purpose in life?

Social needs:

How much do you like to be alone and when not?

Do you like going out or do you prefer to be at home at others’ places?

How often do you call someone and about what?

Which groups do you belong to and what do they stand for?


All these needs together make a blue-print for who you are and what you like. What is most important? How do you honor and respect this need? What can you say yes more to, as well as no?

When you choose to pursue a happy and healthy life, you won’t need to constantly buy bigger and better or have a bucket-list. The less you need to think of what you want or need, the more creative and open you will be, the more flow you’ll have.


The crow announces the return of my inner child (soul) in the morning with its loud sound, just like the rooster announces the entry of the sun into a new day. I had lost this piece of myself due to traumas in my childhood and adulthood that weren’t treated properly as needed within the nearest couple of years. So, it wasn’t until I stepped into the African dance class spring 2004, that I realized with the feeling of a little girl awaiting fun, I could get myself back by reclaiming my joy in what I had stopped doing. It didn’t come easy though. I had to grieve my own passing mother first. Perhaps it’s even a necessity to loose your Mum first so you no longer have any other choice but to become your own best parent to thrive and grow anyway.

What I did was to change my diet, upgrade the interior design in my apartment and relate differently with more caution and awareness, while forgiving myself and others of the past. I wasn’t feeling well at first, going through this change, but blessed by noticing a glimpse of the real me returned whole in Hawaii in company with Jesse. I wanted to see that in my own eyes again.

Four years later, after dancing regularly and even performing a little on stage, I had begun to step into my new self, the woman I wanted to become and now it was time to let myself return with an integrated past, which was initiated by Shaktipat in 2007 and Lomilomi a couple of times in 2009-15 with shamanic journeying aligned by faith and Ho’oponopono. This can be read about in my book “The Call for Divine Mothering”.

I saw her again in my eyes more fully present, the little 6 year old explorer – Little Me – in a mirror 2015 in Frankfurt at the airport, dizzy by spiritual presences and support from passed on relatives, yet more whole than ever after a near death collapse in 2014, landing in my heart, learning to love myself in a new way, based in compassion of self and more awareness of its coming and going, upon dancing in Greece. Rebirthing.

Soon, I took a step in improvement by overcoming my fear of dipping my head under water – something I hadn’t dared since I almost drowned at the age of 5 outside of Copenhagen, but felt a growing need to. So, I did. Alone in Portugal where I had been told we had a great vacation when I was a toddler. I did it both in a deep pool looking similar to the one in 1975 and in the ocean. I did again three summers later when it was warm enough in Sweden. A victory every time!

The journey we take is always alone, but with great companions and helpers along the way, we can develop who we are again. It is my hope to support this healing also in others.

Journey questions to answer:

1. What happened to you and how did it affect your life?

2. What do you need to change in order to make your body into a welcoming and safe place for your soul to live in?

3. What did you enjoy doing when you were a child? How do you feel doing it again? Can you keep this separate from your own children if they don’t like to? And even learn, practice and develop it more coming forth with your passion?

4. When, where and how are you going to let your inner child play?

Look yourself in the mirror and recognize your own inner little girl or boy. Forgive yourself and feel compassion!

Have fun 🙂


It is through recognizing the splendor of nature, we can show true humility and respect for the power that lies within. We can call it God, Gaia or energy. The Divine within us, is the part of us that also is part of this power.

Here is an exercise to try: Take of your watch and put away your phone. Then watch, and most of all feel, where the sun stands in relation to your own experience of time. Guess what time it is! Then check to see if you are right. Try it a couple of times during the day, preferably after you allow yourself to wake up without an alarm clock. And hereby become more attentive to your intuition and needs.

We are part of Earth!


One way to assure eco-friendly living, is by consciously choosing what to wear. We can either focus on what is labeled and controlled as organic, and/or think of the fabric we choose when we buy.

20190302_160921.jpgIt can be made of recycled material or natural fibers such as silk, linen, wool and cotton. Not to mention re-used!

My angel Rose showed me an idea to use an old white leather couch to make a new purse from. Can that be done?

How much we buy new, what and how, as well as defining fair-trade, organic and sustainable will be part of ongoing seminars and discussions at Telluselle Living Center. Want to join? Please comment with any ideas of your own!


If you are a dancer at heart, who enjoys a neat home, likes to eat properly, and practice dancing both for fun and as a passion, you will fit right in at Telluselle Living Center.

Hawaiian at heart, concerned about the environment and want to foster peace and harmony with a sense of pride? Welcome to be a Telluselle Living Center member!

Interested in creating, either alone, or together with others that could become a real invention or simply a smart business idea to make money on that is also good for the environment and people’s health? Then you are definitely welcome to TLC.

Tired of all the retreats, festivals and classes where you are taught how to think positively and then come home to your regular daily life without any change? At Telluselle Living Center, you will be part of co-creating positive developments that lasts, that you can try over time with support in your real life, and talk about what’s important both for you and society.

Together we can create the world!


It’s nothing more rewarding than watching how an idea comes to life and into production. The real reward lies in the idea, to come up with something yourself, that you have dared come up with through your own creativity. The idea is the seed from which the rest grows.

It starts in your imagination. Imagine how you would like it to be, follow your thought of something you wish, whether it is a new piece of clothing you desire or a whole new life and business elsewhere. This imagining process when written down is called a vision and is what all real longlasting businesses have and use to set goals. It is within the vision, the purpose becomes known. A vision is simply a desired outcome for the future.

Think of a problem or something you often use that you wish were better or cheaper or nicer looking. Are there any other people feeling like you? Then it becomes an opportunity to be inventive either for them to buy your product or service instead, or to work together with. How do you want it to look and be?

What do you then need to make this happen? There is where your strategy and goals are formed.

At Telluselle Living Center you’ll have the chance to meet others who likes to create new green solutions for a better society. How does a better society look like without sounding like Utopia? Let’s create a vision of that too for the community you live in.

Dare to imagine!


Imagine stepping into a mall, but instead of just stores offering merchandise, you’ll find a variety of alternative and holistic practices and therapies, alongside creativity seminars and coaching for you to find the right remedy and personal development tools.

This is how my business idea first came to me as a visualisation in 1999 and became developed into its first plan, called “Lusthuset” (ie a house for lust of life and a pavillion in a park).

During the years to come and after working with writing and developing the fitness club Forum’s magazine for its members, together with a corporate presentation for natural supplements I had made prior, and my own qigong practising, interest and assessment exercises, I set out to learn more and develop this into an actual business plan, that was suggested at first here.

The idea took the shape into a coaching, dance and yoga studio, paired with therapies, organic hairdressser and bio cafe and was ready to become built in 2008 in Stockholm, I hoped.

It was however not until 2010, I met with an architect in Honolulu and in 2014, I started getting to know the dance form of Isadora Duncan.

img_4883 (1)

Late last night, I was sitting and talking to a man from Argentina here in Frankfurt. He said: “Healing and art comes from the same place.” Totally agree. The artist Carlos, recommended me to go have a look at the Schiller passage.


And today, I soon found myself passing by the very same and saw this available space! Could it not say “Balansfokus” above the door? Or to sell bamboo products? Or simply become in charge for the whole mall…?! What an amazing opportunity to practice my marketing expertise with organizational development consultancy here!

Opportunities abound. But will envious people get in the way again?


It is by fostering a true relationship to yourself and meeting your actual needs with respect, that enables you to practice self-care. In a way, it’s like becoming a parent to yourself with compassion rather than judgement.

We build on the belief that when you have been able to tend to your needs and feel free to be yourself, you will be naturally able to extend your care (compassion and kindness) to serve others.

This in turn both enables and requires you to foster a relationship to Mother Earth, as the ultimate source that feeds you with your own participation. Both by cultivating and praising Her beauty, and by not littering or abusing Her resources.

How can we do all this? By meeting at Telluselle Living Center and find inspiration, share experiences and support, we can!


When we dance Hula, the sidestep is called Kaholo, which means to travel. Hips moving sideways with the flow of life force, creativity. And just like with dancing, we can travel through an inner journey as well as an outer. All to be used where you are living in your daily life. So, how would you like to live and why are you not?

The tools to be offered at Telluselle Living Center are designed to take you home, the same way I did, whether you want and need all or just would like to keep up with a practice or delve into something new. It’s about finding and living in a flexible balance, like a tree stands firmly rooted, changes with the seasons and still moves softly with the wind.

Here you can find your center through meditation and strengthen your flow and clarity of mind with qigong.

Here you can explore your values, needs, desires, obstacles and strengths together with a coach to enable you to reach your goals.

Here you can meet with others to discuss and define how to best live and work together in society while discovering new ideas and learn more about making green improvements.

Here you will be able to release, build, express and celebrate your own joyful expression with dance, whether through improvising with the 5 rhythms or through special choreographies and styles revolving around a spiritual connection with nature.

You will find the best care for your body, hair and face that also are just as good for Mother Earth, making you become one with, while you receive and breathe through the practice as needed with Lomilomi and forgiveness. And here you can eat something organic that fills you up with good energy.

Become your best self, whole and ready to share with the world, in harmony with nature.

This is Telluselle Living.


Ready for 2019? If you’re like most, you’re probably pretty tired of cheerful resolutions and declarations of promises for a better life with a pretty photo of a yogapose. But, you might still have that wish to reach that specific goal of yours. How do you do that then?



There is a secret behind all setting and striving – it is the actual desire that makes us feel better and thus enable us to perform better. But, there is also a way to increase your motivation by opening yourself up for more ways of reaching your goal than what you first thought. Here is an example:

You want to loose weight and possibly to a certain number or size. Then there are a couple of things to have in mind. Answer this:

1. Why do you want to loose weight?

2. Who is this goal coming from? Yourself, your spouse, your boss, your doctor or society in general?

3. What will you feel once you have lost weight do you think?

4. Use that statement and ask yourself what you can do to feel like that – is there other things you can or even must do?

5. What are you going to do with your new improved self?

It’s not only about rewarding yourself but setting a goal of being able to do something you wouldn’t be able to or dare otherwise. Then THAT is the actual goal for which you need to loose weight. And it is the reason why you want to, that becomes your motivation!

Example: You and your doctor want you to loose weight and you hope to feel lighter and more energetic once you do. What you can do more is carrying a less heavy tote and take a nap every day. Once you’ve lost weight you want to be able to straddle your boyfriend and be on top, then that is the actual goal for why you need to loose weight…

Blossom and dare to be the best you!

To define and work through your steps and obstacles, make an appointment with your favorite coach!


Being here in Germany has enabled me to see and collect inspiration to build Telluselle Living Center as planned and developed through the years, with a design of my own for the actual house for studios that makes it to its own.


Everywhere I go, I see good reminders, like the shape of the foot of this fountain, and how I can use a huge circle mat to my coaching conversation circles room (in brown and white too!) together with comfy chairs instead of the half-circle formed couches I saw in Honolulu. It’s always a good confirmation to see alternatives that still match our desires!


It will all come together real nicely…


It is said that creativity can be defined in two ways:

  1. As something completely new, such as an invention.
  2. As something in a new combination of known opinions or things.

Either way bears a promise of breaking out of your comfort zone by beckoning you to try the new.
IMG_4725Start small, try a new flavor of tea. Here is mixed one I tasted, that was good and typical German.

Do you have any creative ideas, you would like to try to make into a living? At Telluselle Living Center, we will have room for groups to share their green health inventions and find people to work with.