Dancing barefoot

What does Hawaiian Hula, West African dance and Isadora Duncan have in common? And why do I want to host these three disciplines at Telluselle Living Center?

First of all: The music. All three disciplines mainly use instrumental music, whether percussion or classic piano, and live. And the Hawaiian language, by its own logic, allow us to focus more on the melody, since we don’t speak Hawaiian. We might though!

Second: The themes. All three forms of dancing have nature in common, whether it’s to pay tribute to, or to share the history of a place. There is also a spiritual element.

And third: We dance barefoot, and we often perform outside.

Other types of dancing, like Modern or Jazzdance, derive from West African and Isadora Duncan, together with Classical ballet and Martha Graham, but are not going to be offered at TLC. However, for those interested in seeing dance as a form of healing, there will be Ecstatic dancing and 5rhythms to practice.

We’re one with Earth.

Photo shows an Isadora Duncan dance pose.

Evaluating for progress

To reach your goal, or simply to live a better life, it’s important to do regular evaluations. There is an old saying that we will get the same result, if we keep thinking and doing things the same way. Hence, if you want change, you must change something yourself. To learn what, you can do an evaluation.

Just like for many companies, who do these regularly on behalf of their business, you can look into each area of your life and make an estimate, as well as consider the results you have now. What is working and why? This is what you want to continue building on. Then look into what isn’t working and why that is. What can you do instead? And what is holding you back from getting this underway?

As a professional lifecoach, I can help you clarify and support you through the steps towards making real progress, whether it is to get a new job, move to a different town, or take up an old hobby. It can also be going through your relationships and your own sense of self. Are you getting your needs met? What makes you feel better? And to each session, you will present an assignment that is part of your plan. This way, I can help you hold yourself accountable for your decisions, as well as guide you through any inner or outer obstacles that might come up.

Contact me for your first free introductory session.

Creating a culture

Everything from how we dress, to how we communicate in a group, constitutes a culture. To create one for its members to feel a strong sense of community, fellowship and belonging, is a must and the primary tool for its leader, to create a successful organization. And often, we have both an informal leader and an employed. The informal leader is a person that the group tend to go to, while the employed leader is a manager or a director. The best result for the organization and its culture, is of course that there is harmony with both, or that there is no need for an informal leader.

At Telluselle Living Center, my thought is to employ, or assign, small business owners and leaders of various practices to operate under the same roof, with a joint strategy for marketing and sales, as well as shared rent, and profit! With so many teacher training courses nowadays, I assume that there are plenty of people who wants to teach. And as long as someone is following a path of lineage of the practice (Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Hula, Isadora Duncan, WestAfrican, 5rhythms as well as Pranic healing and Lomimlomi), we will be good to go!

Are you interested to be part of this venture? Or to learn more about this plan? Contact me for more information.

Borders and boundaries

One of the cornerstones of Lifecoaching, is to clarify and communicate boundaries more consciously. We can think of a boundary to be very much like a border. Although we may strive for unity, it’s not consistent with human nature to just tag along. Rather enforcing our borders and boundaries, is a must for our survival. Animals have marked their territories for centuries, and so do humans. But, the question then arises, when we consider our groups as global, both culturally and online, where do we draw the line? And how much should we fight to protect these borders?

Start by centering yourself in a state of meditation. Then go through and feel your entire body. Become aware of your feet, hands, face, arms etc and think of how this is your first border, your primary space for your soul to dwell in.

After that, expand your awareness to encompass the room and the house you are in. Who do you let in and on what premises? It must even be why we use the same word, isn’t it? Which are your rules? Your values that these rest on?

Then, it’s time to embrace the world as your space, Mother Earth, and her population. Find your role in the eco-system. What do you contribute with to our food-chain? It’s by finding our identities here, we can grow a spiritual connection to Source, and thus experience oneness.

And finally, claim your outer space, your cyberspace. Where do you draw the lines there? Do you add strangers and let that be how you get to know new friends, or do you only add people you have met in person? Or that belong to the same church or other point of interest?

Most people are completely unaware of your thinking and feeling, which is why you must make this clear to your family, friends and co-workers. Alas, it’s time to communicate these boundaries and borders! You can state something on your profiles online, adjust your settings, and likewise apply this by deciding who to invite or not, just like the people you actually surround yourself with. If you aren’t in a group that makes you feel both comfortable, uplifted and encouraged, find a new! Both online, and in real life.

Don’t know where to begin? Schedule an appointment to be coached.

Photo from Belem, Portugal.

Dance as praise

Some people have said that it would be inappropriate for a Christian to dance, that it would be vulgar and like a savage, wearing a silk-tunic or a grass-skirt, I think it is neither. In fact, it says in the Bible that we should praise God with dancing (Psalms 150:4).

At Telluselle Living Center, we dance in a spiritual framework, as intended by the original choreographies and interpreted often as a dialogue.

Picture from the Angel Blessing cards by Kimberley Marooney.

Setting priorities

Ever since I started learning about, and practicing, Lifecoaching, both on myself, and later with clients, I have advocated making a list of priorities. This to ensure that we will get that life-balance we seek, and how. You simply choose 5 areas, and list them in order of importance. My list is:

  1. Health
  2. Work
  3. Home
  4. Love
  5. Social life

Whenever I’m about to make a decision that may have a great impact on my life, I check in with this list. Will my choice honor my health, so that it will enable me to feel better? Will it stop me from contributing my best to society, or enable? This all have its foundation, in how we build our relationships. While people who are ill, of course should feel love and have a social life even so, but if we found our relationships on the level where we feel a certain way, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, it will become the foundation of our love and friendships. It would for example be all about a certain trauma, if that was what brought us together, rather than meeting when we feel filled with joy and good health. Thus, striving for optimum health becomes necessary, for all other areas to become balanced.

These are also our needs, that are in constant parallel waning or growing, depending on our lives. The important thing is, not to strive for a perfect pie chart, with a perfect amount of hours for each every day, but to see how it adds up as a whole and what might be missing and of benefit to increase or lessen, for more success.

Would you like to apply this on your own life? Book a session with a personal coach!

Honoring Mother Earth

I have previously shared that how we approach ourselves, others and nature is paramount in understanding how we can increase our care. I have always liked to think of my walks in nature, as a sacred practice, entering a forest as if it was a church. I compose myself, walk softly and slowly, breathing in the freedom of space. I have never tried to do this together with others here in Sweden, but have wondered if I could teach how. But my concern is, if the actual alone practice is needed to foster a strong, spiritual, connection to Mother Earth, that for me, began by horseback riding as a teen.

In Hawaii, however, I was blessed to be allowed to participate in gatherings and practices of Hula outdoors with a group of Hula students, both at the Ko’olau Range and at Kailua beach, as well as the moratorium of the royals. We chanted, danced and made an offering (food and flowers). One common chant goes something like this:

Basically, the Hawaiian chant “E Laka E“, is a call to the goddess of nature, that is aimed to prepare us and ask for permission to enter. It’s also said that we should leave the place nicer, than when we came. And to mind where we walk, since we can not know, who might be buried underneath.

How do you approach Mother Earth? Next time you go for a walk or take a drive along the coastline, allow yourself to be alone and in deep communion with these powers. It’s what true oneness is about.

Living authentically

To live a life led by joy, we must do our homework to face and deal with our own inner resistance and shadow. To experience joy, we must put all expectations aside, taking nothing for granted. And to meet life with the wonder of a child, with our own parental guidance harmoniously blended.

A good way to start, is to downscale and remove everything that you don’t need. Be daring. You need water, food, sleep, clothes, shelter and walks outside. And perhaps medicine to fight of attacks on your immune system. But that’s it. The world we live in, wants us to believe that we need so much more, scaring us if we don’t succumb to continuous acquisitions. What we really need is to live by truth.

Who are you? What do you believe in? What is important to you? Are you following your own advice or the exclamations, that you deliver to others? Have you ever listened to someone without saying what you think he, or she, should say or do? Instead of making her, or him, fit into the picture you would like to paint, really listen and accept that person as exactly, who they are. This is the same acceptance you can use on yourself. Notice how peaceful and relaxing you become, when you step into the presence of accepting.

To get clear on your own needs and priorities, your goals and actions, book an appointment with a certified lifecoach today. Let your spirit soar!

Feel free!

At Telluselle Living Center, my ambition is that our customers and teachers will feel free:

Free in your body to experiment with, and express, various dance-forms and other movement practices.

Free in your mind to discuss and share your own experiences, lessons and ideas.

Free in your spirit to believe in what you do and speak thereof.

And free in your heart to love whomever you choose.

Your pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. To improve your life, others’ and earth.

The need for beauty

A sunset or sunrise. A flower in its full splendor. A small seashell with a crack. Or a leaf, trembling with vulnerability as it shows us its veins. Fresh to its touch, and lush.

I think beauty is a need in itself. It’s a call to reconnect with Mother Earth by going outdoors. It’s a yearning to become showered by impressions of the ecstatic kind, by a beauty rendering one speechless, and never numb to the feel. It’s to revel in the symphony of colors and sounds, lights and scents, all becoming life. It’s a longing to be fed.

Go out and meet it!

Surrendering to a Higher power

I believe that humanity found its faith by witnessing the natural elements in full force, recognizing their power as more grand than any man. By this, we learn that regardless of where we are, or what we are doing, there is a power greater than us. The easiest way to understand this, is by looking at the weather. We can predict some of it, or see the likelihood of seasonal changes at a certain time of the year, when the daylight is increasing together with the temperature – we thus have spring. But, even so, we can never be quite sure of what the weather is going to be like. Believing in God is to surrender to a higher power like this.

Do you have any examples of how you planned something and then the weather stalled you? What did that tell you? To push more, or to wait? When we push through anyway, we show resistance to the natural flow, where everything is always on time.

So, look out the window, put up a finger in the air to see where the wind is blowing, for real, and follow its direction. This allows for a better alignment to take place. And for you to be more in tune with the natural elements. Trust in the signs of nature.

Serving the greater good

Do you ever wonder why certain things aren’t progressing the way they should, or why some people seem to get a break and you not? While I was reading in “The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook” by Carol Bridges a couple of days ago, I was reminded of the importance to serve the greater good.

There is a higher purpose at stake. Whether you believe in God or not, there is something called “the greater good”, which is the sum of what is best for the many, from a holistic perspective. A perspective none of us can have, since we are just a tiny part of it. But, remembering that there is a greater purpose, can prove to be of much comfort and instil trust. You might have to wait for Divine timing, or maybe you are serving a higher purpose with your life already. We don’t always understand, when we are in the midst of what is happening, parallel with others.

Serving the greater good. can also be beneficial to have as one’s own purpose! If you don’t have any great vision, or dream of how you wish your life would be, you can still be of service, whether personally or professionally. Ask: “What can I do today?” and allow yourself to be totally open and ready for whomever or whatever comes your way. Go outside and follow your intuition, or go online and start chatting. Someone might just need your kind of help, whether practical or oral. Then add your own special knowledge, or experience, that can benefit the whole of society, and you are on your way to serve the greater good.

Interested in bouncing off your own thoughts and feelings about this? Contact me for a coaching session.

UPDATE: The day after I wrote this, I was approached by a man on the commuter train, asking me for directions and to translate his whereabouts to a person on his phone, which I of course did. We can all be of service!

Finding stillness

The goal of meditation is to experience stillness. Stillness is the space between thoughts. How is this possible, your might ask? By consciously breathing, focusing solemnly on breathing, you can learn to take a pause in between inhaling and exhaling, and therethrough find stillness. Inhale and count to for example 4, then count and hold your breath for 4, exhale and count to 4 again, and then pause also after the exhale counting to 4. At the end of the round, you can find stillness.

The first time, I experienced stillness, was during an Ashtanga yoga practice in 2002 but I had been meditating weekly since 1995. We were laying on the floor, at the end of our practice, when I found myself being able to observe my thoughts and emotions. I was no longer in the midst of an inner dialogue, but could just breathe, be and listen, letting them come and go.

Once you have found this stillness through presence, you also receive a sense of inner space, from which you can create your next thought and emotion. This is what I refer to as mastery.

Increase your creativity

Stuck in a rut? Scared to get out of your comfort zone, or perhaps you might even wonder what it is? Everything that we do regularly, becomes a daily routine and a habit. For us to experience an actual change in our lives, we must improve and change what we do, and how. Remaining the same, is considered being in your own comfort zone, where most of your friends and parents also prefer you to be, in order to fit you into their own patterns of behavior. It can, at times, be good to remain with what and how you are doing things to be safe, but to grow and evolve, we must change. Actually changing how you do things, will bring you onto the path of progress. Creativity is simply to do something different, to combine things you normally don’t, or to do something completely new. It can also be in terms of expressions (art, literature etc),

Here are some tips on how to increase your creativity:

  • Do it the opposite way. Do you normally take a shower before your brush your teeth in the morning? Try changing the order.
  • Walk/Drive a different route to your workplace or to where you pick up groceries.
  • Imagine and visualise how you want things to be. Describe it vividly in your journal.
  • Brainstorm ideas on your own, or together with a friend, or your coach.
  • Change perspective. Remember those exercises for the debate team? Try being con in issues that you normally are pro, or vice versa. (This one is also good to become more inclusive or to found a more firm belief and value.)
  • Make something – a cake, refurbish a piece of furniture, or write that piece of poetry you carry in your heart.
  • Figure out a solution to a problem

It’s my ambition to host creativity circles as part of the coaching department at Telluselle Living Center, with a focus on green innovation and improved health. Ready to share your ideas?

Live Aloha!

In Hawaii, there is a common thread in how you treat others and the land, that is called the Aloha-spirit. It permeates everyone, with its rich kindness and presence of good cheer. It derives from accepting that on an island, you must take deliberate measures to agree. That on an island, you can’t escape and we all have to depend on one another for our survival. Hence, the development of the Ho’oponopono practice – a Hawaiian forgiveness technique – and a culturally rooted kindness and care in the simple, yet profound, acknowledgement of the need to share.

Aloha means to joyfully share breath. To “Live Aloha” means to extend one’s care without selfish motives towards others. To be kind. And to enjoy the beauty of nature. This certainly is something we can all do, everywhere, not just in Hawaii. You can:

  • Help someone
  • Let someone pass before you in a line
  • Greet someone with a smile
  • Care to listen
  • Share a meal
  • Give a compliment
  • Ask for what another needs
  • Show respect
  • Recycle and reduce waste

Inspiration for other things you can do, can be found here.

Being playful

When did you laugh the last time, so much you had to brace yourself or started to cry? With all the atrocities that are going on in the world, we must not fall into despair or desperation, and succumb to this darkness, but fight it with light and good energy. To increase good energy, you can work on attaining a state of playfulness. A state of having fun!

So, if you find yourself stuck in a rut, or feeling a bit hopeless, make sure you do something that excites you. What does? Something that is about exploring with wonder, and brings forth your smile.

Here is a list of examples you can use:

  • Play with children
  • Go for an adventure outdoors
  • Watch a specific movie or TV-series (I love watching “Fawlty Towers” with John Cleese.)
  • Try something you haven’t done before
  • Do art, like finger-painting, or clay molding
  • Bake a cake and taste the batter
  • Start collecting figures, stamps or any other memorabilia you treasure
  • Share a mishap with someone who loves you
  • Turn up the volume of a favorite song, and sing and dance to it

What else can you think of? Schedule a time to have fun. Its reward is priceless and you will draw closer to Mother Earth.


To get your spiritual practices right, you need to learn how to breathe accordingly. In Qigong, we inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, holding our tongue up the palate, leading our breath to fill our stomach. This is where our center is located, called Dantien. In Yoga, we both inhale and exhale through our nose, making a noise with our throat chakra. You can also do something called “fire breathing” where one rolls the stomach. Either way is used in Meditation, where your focus should be on your breath, to feel more present, letting thoughts come and go. Finding peace.

Our breath is what symbolises spirit, where the element of air, can be seen as both the carrier, and a metaphor, for spirit. In Hawaii, this is acknowledged through the greeting “Aloha”, which means that we affirm sharing breath, sharing life.

If you feel like your breathing is stuck in the chest, common with fears and stress, try breathing in tune with the ocean. Let your breathing be in the same rhythm as the rolling of waves, coming and going. Feeling one. Ha!

Making progress

In order to really feel positive change, we must feel it in our daily lives. While most of us long for pristine beaches, lush mountains, and only hearing birdsong outside our windows, going on a retreat will produce nothing. You probably even become more tired than rested, if you are led by the belief that you need to achieve something on your vacation. Besides, travelling somewhere should be about the destination, not a practice. A way to explore, discover and celebrate.

Telluselle Living Center is going to be designed like a spa, and be situated in a park close to the city; a site used for activities after work, that directly become integrated with your daily life. In fact, our sacred conversation circles are meant to be used as a sounding board for improving your relationships, increasing your creativity, and trying new ways of looking at life, as it is here and now. Trying, and then returning to the group with an experience to share, to see how it works. Lifecoaching, qigong, meditation, yoga and dancing are all too precious to not practice regularly. And the only way to incorporate any lessons we might have learned by listening to a lecture, gone to a workshop, or tried on a retreat, is to indeed do it, where we live. It’s also the only way we can measure our progress.

I hope you’ll join me.

What is a dialogue?

There is no better tool for peace and personal development than the dialogue. It builds on both parties entering it, show utmost respect and neutrality. It’s not about taking sides, or be right or wrong, but rather about hearing each other out, on equal grounds, with an approach that is genuine. In order for a dialogue to work, we must follow certain steps, to honor the process as intended:

  1. Set a place and time on neutral ground (ie not at home or either’s workplace)
  2. Decide on a topic or state the problem
  3. Explore the definition of the topic or problem
  4. Summarize
  5. Suggest solutions
  6. Find consensus, often a mix of solutions, or a third way, will arise
  7. Make a conclusion and preferably a decision

And later, we follow up with an evaluation, checking that action has been taken accordingly.

The dialogue thus, is more than a regular conversation. It’s the tool we use as Lifecoaches, usually for 45 min, which is an average proven time, that we are able to focus and be fully present – a must! You can see it as a good interview. When we offer a dialogue (a coaching session), the solemn purpose is to bring forth your own best strategies to reach a goal. It can also be used to create forgiveness.

Try it yourself!

Dealing with fears

Now, that we have a Russian invasion in Ukraine showing in the media all the time, it’s no wonder we become more fearful. Sweden isn’t a member of Nato and has had an aim to remain neutral, something that I grew up with, feeling proud of. It was the way of the UN, I thought. Now, however, we too could be targeted with an attack, for sending weapons to Ukraine and thereby taking sides, which I think is wrong by Sweden.

This fear is real. To handle fears, we must first discern what is real and what is created by our own worrisome mind. A direct fear, such as a physical threat, gives you both the chills, and a surge of energy, while worry wear you out. So, to deal with fears, let how you feel be known. Our fight or flee response, is our natural defence and something healthy to have. I have had to grow up dealing with this underlying current, due to the conditions of my childhood, with its family patterns and outer offenders, so I know first hand. To meet this fear, preparations are a must; to have our needs met, as well as have a source of information open. But most of all, to stay awake. To notice how people move around you, how the infrastructure works and how you can act in case of an emergency. This then, can become a safety cushion to fall back on. Something I too was taught growing up, thanks to my grandfather, who was a Firechief. And since this is real for many more than me, I finally feel better understood myself. So many people have misjudged my fears as anxious worry, when they have been actual threats to deal with. Stress is fear.

And remember, to instil fear, is also a weapon. To continue live our own lives with gratitude, is to choose the path to peace.