Today when I was going to drop off some copies of receipts, on my way I passed by a pharmacy and discovered a renewal of their selection.


There is something comforting in simplicity, to use pure ingredients that you can trust are all natural and will do less harm on yourself and the environment. Being someone who has had skin infections and allergies often making my face break out, finding the right products have taken me many years, alongside finding a good diet that my body agrees with. This is why I use body care products only made of biological components ready made. And this is why I was happy to see today that the Swedish drugstores and pharmacies now also offers this brand, together with a couple of others as an alternative to the regular (which still can be valuable on occasion, for example as medicine or in mixes like toothpaste with salt). Although I prefer John Master’s Organics, this is the brand that I alternate with now and then, which also is less expensive since it isn’t imported. Something we will have to figure out at Telluselle Living Center in our spa-department, which will offer these beauty products or similar.

You can read more about Urtekram here.



As you can see in this video, I am practicing Isadora Duncan dances and watching yourself is always important in order to see what needs to improve. So, at today’s practice when I had access to this space, I focused on breaking down each motion and repeated each in variations until I found the right way, as well as trying out some other of Isadora Duncan’s signature motions. Practicing alone in front of mirrors enables me to fine tune details into the right timing the Modern dance requires to the music with its dynamics, as well as appreciate my own body more. I got good lines! Will update my video next time.



When we learn to relate to Mother Earth with respect and gratitude to our source, we will also nourish our wellness in a more sustainable way. The element earth urges us to extend our actions with awareness of the environment and future generations.

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When we open up for sharing breath with each other and the Divine Spirit, we receive inspiration to create and to find faith, for example through meditation, which we can ground in our heart through prayer.

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Passion, compassion and love are the driving lifeforces which we must master in such a manner that we foster solidarity to create mutual solutions for the higher good. It is to use our passion in action with joy.

These blogposts contains texts about our inner light and how we can process and express our emotions in healthy and authentic ways, coming from experience.




To have a sharp mind enable us to be focused and present with mindfulness as we go about our day and interact, choose and decide how to proceed. Having a sound mind require both rest, recreation and inspiration to learn.

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