It is said that dance is not of the Bible, but it is! It is for us to rejoice with cymbals and cheer such as in: “I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow” – Jeremiah 31:13. It is even said that Isadora Duncan was one of the apostles in a former lifetime, praising God’s creation.


What I know is, when we dance to music without song, we allow our bodies to be embodying the Holy spirit with which the music was composed and through this, we can express our own divinity more freely. This also opens up for a variety of dynamics and feelings in our motions according to personality and theme.


Photos showing an Angelcard from Kimberely Marooney and Isadora Duncan dancers at Old Westbury gardens from Lori Belilove and the Isadora Duncan Dance Company in New York City,



I have had the pleasure to feel the presence of another angel a couple of times this past two months when I am rested. It’s like a little girl that protects my energy, cheers me up to make me smile, asks me to hurry or to wait a little by invisibly sitting on my head (except in church where she was pulled up). She teaches me in spirit to think about what I need to change to be a good mother. All what we do is often out of habit, that so many take for granted or not even consider how it must change, because it happens incrementally and naturally giving birth. But what if we suddenly have to assume the role of motherhood to someone else’s children? Would I walk the same pace or buy the same things at the grocery store? It must be practiced or at least be made aware of, which is what I am trying to do when I am not being stalked. (And I so love noticing how kids often come up to me or curiously look my way when I am in the store or at the subway, as if to find someone to dance with.)

When I grew up, I did consider adoption in some form to be my priority to ensure that the children already here on Earth would receive what they need first. Not ruling out having my own though, safe away from Sweden.

Many things are taught to us in spirit if we are open to it. It can be little reminders of how our parents or grandparents used to do things, teachers or ministers and healers, and of course God and Jesus through the Holy Spirit. This is what we call inspiration. We then apply it to our current situation or wish with our own ideas and preferences, and hopefully merge the old with the new to create a better understanding and enable evolution to take its course step by step.

We do this by taking a breather and re-evaluate our direction as well as our communication. When a new generation is formed, what happens to our own assumptions of how we think we are perceived? What if children starts reading my blog? Have I ever considered that? No, not really, since they are not my target group. Unless I change that and make new plans. So, which plan is the right one to follow?

What if the only thing you need to know about following God’s plan is this: just be a good person. We are here to learn to love oneanother and create Paradise together. Everything else is up to us, to choose to be where, when and how with our free will. We will be naturally drawn from time to time to be at a specific location at a specific time, in order to be that good person to someone else. So then, we make our own plans. At best we feel supported to follow through on what we set out to do, but often there will be obstructions and changes. All these changes happen due to recent developments.

A development always imply a change. Developments can be positive or negative to you. It can be something personal or in your immediate community and organization. Or it can be worldwide or within a nation for example due to climate change, conflicts or new directives from authorities. Therefore each day we must be awake to our surroundings as well as our own needs and wants, synch them together or move to better pastures. And companions.


Late last night, I had been sitting by my computer to do some writing and was feeling tired but still wished that I had went out for a nice walk in the warm evening, so I did.

Since I already had a piece of apple that day and some leftover lettuce leaf, I brought that with me and felt intuitively inclined to walk on the right side of the big road behind my house. I dropped my little scrap close to a bush on the ground, hoping a bunny would find it. Just as I had entered the decided path, a young seagull sat on a lamp post directly in front of me, crying loudly alone. I walked passed it. Close by I saw two cans for paid recycling and thought to myself that must be my payment for providing food and picked them up, yet startled with a little bad conscious and feeling frightened to not have brought the lettuce and apple with me for the seagull, so I walked back and got it while it circled over me a little and followed me along the way a block. Then it disappeared.

Later before I went to sleep, I also thought it could just be God wanting me to eat and go to sleep earlier of course, exhausted as I am of all the setbacks that seems to occur right when I start recuperating.


This made me wonder how much it is our responsibility to share food, to whom, how, where and when, which is the real question for the world.


The setting we are in enforces and provides stability at best for the drama we act on our stage. Often Isadora Duncan used Greek mythologies and its design for her inspiration. Here in Sweden, Greek influences in architecture can be seen a little here and there.


My historical inspiration in this retrospect, comes more from the Roman-Catholic side, where I have visited Rome with my father and brother and taken Latin in High School. It was also then, my boyfriend like to resemble me with Minerva, the patron goddess of state, education, craft and medicine, whereas my mother was more into Greece and acting as Hera on stage. Within this, we find access to sacred power and reverence.


Bought this new beautiful special kind of silk to make a new tunic for Isadora Duncan dance today. So happy to not only find the right color and accent for a wrap, but also to a much lower price than I expected. Love that!


The tunics we use can be sawn in a couple of different variations with certain details special to Duncan lineage, just like certain colors are chosen according to the era and music for her choreographies. Now I need to find a good seamstress who can help me make one fitted.


I have always loved writing a diary and started my first at the age of 7. It had the cover of blue velvet and held things about what was for dinner, what I had received when had gone out shopping and what was done in school. I simply continued throughout my life, adding notes about my feelings and relationships, it became a tool for self-discovery and understanding which has enabled me to improve and share my lessons. Meeting other people often provides us with much inspiration and friendships that becomes the water for our seeds to grow. Here is a link to my first book in English with color photos about my life in Honolulu and Malmö where I grieved the passing of my mother, found my passion and defined my life purpose:

coverpicYou can also read more about me on my personal webpage here.


On the upside of not having my own apartment for a couple of months was the secret blessing in living in hostels for a while. At for example Bed and Breakfast and City Backpackers in Stockholm, there is a great community kitchen and place to hang out, like in most hostels, which is great both for budget, making your own gluten-free food with less stress and in good company!

It is always exciting to see whose paths we join for a couple of days, where we are from and what we share and have in common. It is the greatest opportunity to share experiences, opinions and visions about how and where we want to live.


It seems to be a big movement going on in Europe at the moment with not only just refugees, but also silent migrants, people who don’t feel at home in their own country anymore, or simply more at home online and therefor seek to join these new formations of community wherever it may say be happening on a webpage, whether short-term of long-term. We meet based on ambitions and interests. Talking to the two dancers showing up for festivals, a Brooklyn-guy for tap and an Israeli-chick for west-coast swing, was inspiring to see, just like the former Russian-American doctorate student and new friends speaking Portugese, provided me to feel good about exploring new opportunities. This type of travel also enable us to develop and cement our own sense of identity in comparison to cultural behaviors, as well as share sentiments when bad things happen. Thank you Canada! Inspiration as part of provision.