Finding a role-model

“It has taken me years of struggle, hard work and research to learn to make one simple gesture, and I know enough about the art of writing to realize that it would take as many years of concentrated effort to write one simple, beautiful sentence.” (Isadora Duncan)

Isadora Duncan keeps being a source of inspiration for my growth. And what a joy it brings me both for my dance and writings! Through learning her motions, I get to experience a sense of freedom and a sense of space to improve. To look at every detail, every angle, every direction, every part of my body and how I can place them differently, emphasising or hiding, expressing passionately or being coy. She in turn, looked to the Greek mythology, for example.

When I started taking classes in this style, in Stockholm, Sweden 2014, I used to do an hour of yoga first as a warm-up. This helped me being more warmed up, as well as being grounded and better in balance. This, however, doesn’t mean that all yoga practitioners have to dance, and on their mats!

Move your heart first, and let your body follow.

Hawaiian health-tip!

There are a plethora of natural supplements out there, claiming to do wonders. Which one really do work? This is when our mouth-to-mouth sharing is so important, besides our own trials. Here are my best tips:

What has really helped me to heal my stomach and skin problems, is this Aloe Vera Gel that I took a shot of each morning. Some years later, I have tried Noni-juice to boost my immune system, which it really did. It realigned me and made me feel more upbeat. I was introduced to this when I lived in Honolulu and got to see how the fruit was fermented in the sun.

Besides these, I can also recommend to drink Pomegranate juice, and take a daily vitamin with easy to absorb iron, like Blutsaft. And Lemon-Ginger tea with honey for breakfast!

How we are connected

According to Dr Masaru Emoto, how we talk and with which words, can affect the molecules of water. And since we are made of 80% water in our bodies, as well as how much water our planet consists of, it can affect us in a larger scale, as well as is what connects us.

The question is then what we become affected by. Are we even acting out due to others’ thoughts and emotions without knowing? The photo above, shows how ice was formed in a puddle today, after it has been walked upon and freezed again.

To stop the abuse, we must therefor continue to work on ourselves, so that we take responsibility not only for our actions, but also our interactions all the way into our own hearts. It will sure have a ripple effect.

More about Dr Masaru Emoto here.

Tending to our humanness by dancing

In Halau Healing Hula (Hawaiian dance school), we aimed to dance as one. It’s a fact that Hawaiian dance groups indeed dance very synced, as one. One motion. To become as one, we have to give up our own inclination to outshine anyone in competition. Instead, we look to the group’s dynamics.

What then seems to divide us, is only by our own interpretation. We already are one with one another, based on our humanness. As humans, we have access to the same range of emotions, thoughts and needs, although be they expressed differently, due to our language and culture. And as humans we can choose our reality to be one of separation, or one of inclusion and belonging. Taking this dance into society, we can translate our intricate weaving together, into our workplaces and our communities to become more one, as well.

To see an example of Hawaiian Hula dancing, have a look at this video.

What is working against Covid-19?

When the Covid-19 outbreak began 2020, I was living in the Lisboa area in Portugal. The measures there were quite drastic: All stores closed but for groceries and pharmacies. A limited number of people got to enter, all used sanitizers, and lines were kept in order by the police, who also made checkpoints between villages. They even put plastic foil on card-readers. Everybody wore masks and avoided commuting. As of today, Portugal got 19 000 deaths and 1.5 million cases.

Now in 2022, I am in Sweden. I got tested several times, have no symptoms, and all came back negative. I got two vaccine shots and watch the society pretty much function without any visible restrictions. And since nobody, or only few, are wearing masks, should I? Sweden got 15 000 deaths and 1.4 million cases. Both Sweden and Portugal have a little more than 10 million inhabitants.

So, what is working against this virus? Is it even something we need to learn to live with, like others? At the bottom of this crisis, lies the question of travel and import/export. What is necessary and what can stop? People need to be allowed to go and live where they have their optimum health, their optimum life, then there would be less need of transportation, both for goods and people.

Can I move please?

Photo from an old cable car in Portugal.


Both when I started taking classes in Qigong, and in Yoga, in Sweden, they were practices to music. To me, it aided my learning of the routines, since it became like learning a dance choreography. However, traditionally, there is no music, but just a focus with a mantra or simply a pattern of breathing.

We all get affected by music, and the question is how. So, to be able to really practice mindful presence, it becomes easier and more correct without. It also serves a different purpose without music. Yoga can then be both used for warm-up and winding down after a stressful day.

The same applies with lit candles, that I have often seen together with yoga practices. That seems to resemble a church and an altar, which then takes away the focus on physicality.

At Telluselle Living Center, we will only focus on our own inner journeying, and practice presence, with the help of symbolism found in nature for our asanas. More about the sacred sound of “Aum” here.

Photo from Hawaii 2010.

Made of bamboo

I used to have a wind chime made of bamboo, that sounded really nice. And when I lived in Honolulu, HI in 2010, I was introduced to David Sands, architect for Bamboo Living (see photo), who has made pre-fabricated houses that one can set up almost everywhere. I went to one of their showings and have of course also seen bamboo grow in Manoa.

Bamboo is a renewable source, that therethrough is eco-friendly. While bamboo function as wood, it’s actually a form of grass. Therefore, I see it as something we can build Telluselle Living Center with, including double walls for isolation that is possible. There are also floors and furniture made of bamboo, that we can use as decorating elements.

After I had returned to Sweden, I came up with another idea in 2014, to also use bamboo to make a lei; ie a Hawaiian flower garland, that I aim to sell worldwide.

It’s very hard to break a bamboo rod, so from a spiritual point of view, it can symbolise being the spine of the matter. To be unbreakable. To be a channel for the Great Spirit.

Dancing with the natural elements

The only way to escape the power of nature, is to become like the element. I believe that the fear of these powers, is what created the beliefs in making them godly. Each element became a god. What we nowadays can do, is be inspired to see the natural forces flow and interact for us to become better in balance. Both Hawaiian, Native American and Chinese Medicine takes this into account. I like to use the natural elements as symbols of this holistic view:

Fire – Heart (passion) – East

Air – Spirit (peace) – North

Water – Soul (purpose) – Center

Earth – Body (prevention) – South

Metal – Mind (power) – West

Each element affects another in an endless dynamics, just like life. And becomes a medicine wheel.

Tarot and Christianity?

It’s important to honor the Bible, when one is pronounced Christian. What this means, is for example to not rely on fortune tellers with their cards. To not put power onto cards (or any other things) but into your connection with the Divine, with God and your Higher Self. Likewise, it’s my experience that having someone else tell you what to do, or even worse, what “is going to happen”, is to be avoided at all times. What you can do, however, is to use cards for your own inspiration and guidance of your own journey in life. To see which milestone you are at, in your own journey, in a particular area of life, or generally.

I used to do readings for others for a short while, but soon felt awkward about others’ immersed beliefs in those readings, and in my power. A sense of validating victimhood rather than empowerment. It’s a matter of praying to God instead. It’s a matter of taking responsibility for our own free will and to always have this in mind, in heart, in spirit. To rather see where one is, where one is heading, and if this is the desired outcome; to enable a better choosing and decision making. Therefore, use cards only for yourself.

This book, and deck of cards has been my inspiration, since the mid-90’s. I especially like how the illustrations show Native Hawaiian people, where I ended up going, without reflecting on the resemblance until after. A source of wisdom than became real. A source of indigenous wisdom that I have longed for since my teenage years, when I was an avid horseback rider, one with the horse, like this.

Naturally, I have also used cards for animal symbolism and still use sometimes for angels.

Around the table

At Telluselle Living Center, we will host small groups for sacred conversations, in a coaching manner.

We start by having decided a topic beforehand to focus on. Everyone participating, honors a sense of confidentiality, ie that we respect each other’s honesty and vulnerability that comes with authentic sharing, letting it stay within the group.

I, or other certified coach, will lead the discussion, but not teach.

Then, we let the word travel around the table, for each person in the circle to have his or her say about the topic. This require us to be attentive and practice neutral listening, which in turn becomes mindful presence. It’s important to not sit and only rehearse what to say, when it becomes your turn, but to let the persons before you grow the topic. At best, our conclusion will then become the result of this synergy, that developed naturally during the course of our conversation.

Ready to try? Contact me!

Choosing gemstones

In Feng Shui, it’s common to use gemstones as part of interior decorating, to lift and create more flow of energy in the room. Each stone is holding a certain frequency that we match with our emotional charge, representing a certain quality. I used to work over the summer in a store selling self-help books and gemstones 20 years ago, where I learned the various types and to help match it with customers. Often I can sense a subtle pulse, by holding it in my hand. It’s how I came to feel the life of Mother Earth, all condensed into little rocks! To choose which one is for you, is just a matter of your own taste and perhaps matching a desired charge, you’d like to be reminded of and attracting. Rose quartz for example, is good for love, while Mountain crystal raises the overall vibration in a room. Here, I’m wearing Citrine, that is a self-cleansing stone and therefor a good filter against unwanted energy. Otherwise, to clean your stones, use seasalt, or put them in soil for a week or so. Then let them be refilled in the sun.

Each stone holds the energy from where it came. What we refer to as gemstones, simply hold it a little bit more.

Rest in Mother Earth’s embrace

While we now have a new year, a new chapter, we can begin, it can also be of comfort to remember that it’s all man-made. In China, New Years is celebrated in February and in the Arabic countries, it’s celebrated at the time of the Spring Equinox. Life goes on, regardless.

Religion is how we in society try to gather around a set of rules to live by, in harmony, so also with the calendar. But, we can also look to Mother Earth as our rock, our grounding anchor, with her seasons and her stability. The forces that govern our nature, was here before you, and will continue after you. In this lies an opportunity for reverence and respect, as well as detachment from religion. The environment, and our collective need for resources and a good climate to live in, thus is what can bring us oneness. We can all focus on the environment, and thus set our goals accordingly, as a whole. All with a foundation of relating to Her as a living entity.

More about my personal journey to heal with Mother Earth, can be found in my book “The Call for Divine Mothering” and on my webpage at Photo from 2010 by Desirée Seitz.

Make New Year resolutions that work

Have you ever tried making a resolution for the new year, only to feel like a failure a month in, when you suddenly drop your new healthy habit?

Anytime we set out to do something, we will encounter the opposite, the non-doing resistance. This in turn might be a stronger habit, whether simply by just keeping us in our comfort zone, or by paying off for a greater need. You can for example be in greater need of sleep, than running on a treadmill. Then staying home and getting rested will actually be better. So, how do we then do changes that last?

We focus on being, rather than doing.

We focus on a certain trait or virtue that we would like to feel. This feeling then becomes the actual achievement that open up for more ways of doing. You might for example have “fit” as a mantra and goal for next year. Then a multitude of ways will open up for you to get fit! The secret thus, lies in choosing a sacred word for the year to focus on, such as being more…. Integrious? Corageous? Grateful? Assertive? Patient? What is your word that you need to develop more of and would like to have more of? Choose one and let this lead your relating both with your partner, friends and co-workers next year and you will soon see how it grows, both in awareness and in progress!

(My personal theme for next year is “Posture”; ie how I sit, stand, walk and talk, pretty fitting for a dancer :-).)

Happy New Year!

A prayer for peace

May 2022 bring good health and harmony, laughter and joy, and personal treasures.

May it bring you a wealth of opportunities, of long forgotten dreams.

May you find inspiration to create and learn more.

May you feel love, both on the inside and outside, of yourself.

May you heal what is broken to a sense of whole.

May you find stillness and peace wherever you are.

Happy New Year!

The uniting factor

What have we learned from Covid-19? I haven’t been affected by it at all, more than wearing a mask in public and standing in lines more often, when I lived in Portugal. But, to me, it seems obvious that we as a whole need to travel a whole lot less to ensure both our own health, and the health of our environment. Less exhaustion, more oxygen. Better breathing! We aren’t built to fly as humans, so naturally we shouldn’t, more than to move. We should focus on our homes and that everyone has one, where they can live a good life.

What unites us all, is both our need for good health and the need to have a good environment. Regardless of political agendas, or personal preferences, we can all agree to focus on this.

What can you do? Let’s meet at Telluselle Living Center to discuss, compare, and develop good methods, founding these, where we are, and for generations to come.

Founding harmony in society

There is a place in the Bible where it says that the lilies in the field don’t worry (Matt 6:28). By this we can look at each other as flowers. And thus see how we all are like a bouquet. Rather than seeking unity, embrace diversity. Which flower are you? Which characteristics do you associate with this flower, thus yourself? And how can you look at others through this lens?

To embrace diversity, we need not only to embrace how we look different, but all our different opinions. And to understand how these are all coming from the uniqueness we all have, we can look to our journey around the sun to better grasp it. If each person represents a degree, we must have at least 360 different perspectives to take into account, where none of these are wrong and all are right, seeing the issue from his/her angle. Each angle is built on experience and education; practice and knowledge. And hopefully our own creativity and free thought. What we need is not to make us more uniform as humanity, but rather learn to respect each others differences. And we all look at the same moon.

Honoring the winter solstice

On December the 21st, we have the longest night and shortest day in Sweden with only 6 hours of daylight. This darkness becomes an incentive to turn more inwards and honor the sacred feminine, yin. We can do this by resting and reflecting more, and perhaps even listen to our own shadow side that we might not want to show to the world as frequently. It’s a time of silence and stillness. And it’s also a reminder to cherish the hours the sun is up, even more.

It’s all about our cycles, to live in tune with Mother Earth. We as women, have our monthly cycle, that is said to be reflecting the moon, and even sync naturally within groups of women. After our regular cycle has ended, the older women pass into the greater cycle with more wisdom. The seasons and hours of daylight.

What can you do to take more care of your dark, feminine side?

Believing in wonder

When I grew up, I was told to find my own faith and thus were neither baptized, nor confirmed. Thus, my young adult years became a decade of seeking, often outside of myself. I read lots of self-help books, wore gemstones, read Tarot cards and subscribed to a personal horoscope. I soon understood that regardless of what anything said, it was always up to our free will. And that is also how we screw up as humanity. It’s always up to us and what we do at any given moment. Nonetheless, I want to believe in good, and I believe in God. Soon, I recognized how people seemed sent my way to help me, whether to find direction or carry up a piece of furniture four flight of stairs. I began to believe in Divine meetings. And it is this that I still believe in, and would like to foster a forum for, among other things. To be of inspiration.

I became Christian, after receiving grief counselling, in 2007 and decided to look in the Bible for answers instead. Miraculously, it seems to reflect my thoughts and experiences, whenever and wherever I flip it open. This, together with more self-confidence on a deeper level, has enabled me to find faith within and dare to trust myself, and my faith, more.

At Telluselle Living Center, we believe in love, in its broadest sense. We believe in the will to do good, and the willingness to learn, share and respect. And we believe that one can use tools like meditation and chanting to feel better, regardless of religion, as well as dancing as an expression of the soul. All with a focus on nature and the sun.

Applying Feng Shui

While Yoga has its foundation in Hinduism and Ayurveda, Qigong has its, in Chinese Medicine, Taoism and Feng Shui. Feng Shui translates to the school of wind and water and is a guide to enable a better balance between the elements where we live and work, so that the energy will flow better in our space. It can be used both for interior and exterior design, as well as for choosing location.

When we want to achieve something special, we can use the principles of Feng Shui to increase, or decrease, the energy in certain areas that symbolises areas of our life (such as career, relationships, communication, family, prosperity, knowledge, health or travel).

Telluselle Living Center is meant to be designed according to the five natural elements for such inspiration. Here is a great resource for tips you can use in your own home.

Choosing approach

Once you have found your own inner peace and a sense of centeredness, you can become more aware of how you respond to others and why. You can also eventually learn to choose your own level of engagement, your own emotional charge, and thus, your approach. This can be especially visible (and a good place to practice) in how we enter. How we enter our own home, our workplace and nature, besides when we visit others. How are you walking? Rushing in, or from a place of holding it sacred? Which beliefs are you carrying with you? Are you feeling welcome and are you welcoming others? Are you too open or too closed? Try thinking about that and see how the results might differ in your interactions.

From a Lifecoaching perspective, we found our practice in a certain approach, or attitude, in our sessions with clients. Our foundation is built on believing in the client enough to help birth his/her own answers and solutions to their problems. We do this by fostering a mindset of genuine interest, a neutral standpoint, with support and a wish to do good. All in mindful presence with a Socratic dialogue.

Would you like to try?