Here at Telluselle Living Center, our meditations are done in several steps, which all can be included in a session, or part thereof. Check our schedule and instructor to choose!

  1. Sit in half-Lotus position and close your eyes. Breathe for a few minutes and find your own best regular rhythm.
  2.  Clear your mind and visualize it filled with white light.
  3.  Chant the mantra.
  4.  Breathe and find your own center. From this point take note of which thoughts come up, as well as any feelings, questions or even simple reminders. You may also jot down any insights or revelations that might arise.
  5.  Drop down into your own heart center and let it expand. Find a feeling of loving-kindness and compassion through focus, memory, renewed sense of self and sacred space and inner stillness. Bow in gratitude and bring your love into the world!

We chant Buddhist mantras and Hawaiian but you are welcome to suggest others too for Kirtan. If it is nice weather we might take the practice outside to a tree.

Here is how a Japanese founded mantra can sound like.