Welcome to our classes for meditations! In Room Air, we will strive for balance and serenity in our practices. This is also available for you with a membership card on times we don’t have any bookings to simply use on your own! You can choose between the following:


Silent meditation

We will gather in a group with a short introduction whereupon we all sit together in silence and focus our breathing and relaxing our minds. At times we will also be laying down on mats.


Guided meditation

Our instructor takes you through a visualisation process where you create inner images to use for relaxation and focus, self-awareness and affirmations.


Walking meditation

We walk together in a circle with slow focused steps to practice mindfulness and rhythmic breathing.


Chanting meditation

As part of Buddhist practice, you can choose to participate in one of our groups for chanting Buddhist mantras as part of meditation. We will also invite you to Kirtan, sharing other mantras.


Tree meditation

When the weather allows, we will walk together to a place in the park where we all will choose a couple of trees to sit against and do our founder’s special meditation for stress-release and rejuvenation.

Peace of mind, compassion of heart.