In the mood to share? At TLC we have a variety of support groups you can join to either be able to move on after a crisis, or simply explore topics of personal development, such as values and virtues, be part of book-circles and coaching.

We sit in a circle and let each person take a turn talking about a situation, example or issue that we have defined together in the beginning of our meeting. By focusing on listening to the others, you will soon notice how the discussion develops itself and enable us to find new perspectives and cement a stronger sense of community. We will also alternate with brainstorming and feedback one-on-one, increasing our creativity. These are called conversation circles with a specified series of topics for example compassion, respect, forgiveness and safety. What we mean, need and want to develop.

Another type of group is the one we call green think-thank where we explore new ways of becoming entrepreneurs fostering businesses towards increasing organic living and sustainability combined with health. Do you have an idea or even an invention (no high-tech app but preferably lessening the burden of stress or something for everyday use)? This would be a great place to share it and find others to work with!

Finally we also house support groups with anything from single mothers, unemployed, father and man, to newly released inmates and people with PTSD. How to get by better in society, at home, at work and in our relationships is our focus.

If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to contact us!

These are not classes but will be led by a coach or instructor or elected person.