To an assorted compilation of classical music, we dance barefoot in a form of modern ballet, based on Isadora Duncan’s original choreographies, transferred in direct lineage to our instructors, with themes according to the different eras she was active in. Her dances speaks of feminism and spirituality, daring us to express ourselves leading with solar plexus.

Isadora Duncan was a pioneer in many ways, born in the United States but she lived in Europe and Russia in the beginning of the 1900’s where she started dance schools and soon took the world with awe with her passionate stand for equality and justice. At Telluselle Living Center, we take it further by developing our own interpretations within the structure of her dance and signature motions.

Put on a pair of leggings and a comfortable short jersey dress to begin with and then dare relishing the exquisite feeling of being bare in a tunic of special silk. Like precious gemstones or colorful roses, we become the bouquet.

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