Are you ready to be coached?

Not everybody can become clients to a life coach. For example, if you have just undergone a trauma, or are in the midst of grieving, or on sick-leave, those are times that require therapy and rest. But, if you are willing to change and open for seeing new perspectives, while also taking actual steps towards implementing the change you seek, you are more than welcome to contact me, or any other life coach.

I think the best coaching sessions are live meetings in person. They include confidentiality and a neutral space where you can explore and discuss different relationships, situations and problems you would like to solve without interference. Nowadays, we can also do it through Zoom. Each session lasts for 45-60 minutes with a focused concentration. And we focus on the here and now, and where you would like to be – not so much on the past. The past can help us understand the need for change, but is otherwise an analysis better done with a licensed therapist.

You set your own agenda and while I will enable you forward momentum through my questions, mirroring and summary, you’ll still lead the conversation. This alone will help you feel empowered!

Sometimes, I will challenge you, so that you can better define and confirm which values you like to be your foundation, as well as question certain views, to gain more perspectives that can enable you to find more opportunities and ways to change. Wanting to reach a goal, is a desired change. Wanting to change your communication style in relationships, whether professional or personal, is also a desired change. While change can be scary and a bit dramatic at times, a life coach will support you all the way through, if you so would like.

Contact me here to schedule a first session for free, to see what it feels like.

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