Practicing with pain

Our bodies are like glass, both fragile and strong at the same time. We can stand strong for decades, yet break in a moment’s notice.

Since a couple of months, I’ve been experiencing pain in my shoulders, knees and groins, without really knowing why, more than perhaps due to weight gain and not walking as much as I usually do. Since I was told in my early 20’s that I have a bit too flexible ligaments, I went to see a physiotherapist, who now has helped me with some exercises to build strength in my specific areas. While we were talking, he said that I shouldn’t take any painkillers before my practice and explained to me how most of them simply block the paths to our brain so we don’t feel the pain, but it’s still there. We can even hurt ourselves by overdoing it, since we feel less pain. So, yesterday evening, I did yoga without any. I had to go slower, be more careful and do the easier versions of asanas than I normally do, but perhaps this is a good thing – acknowledging my body’s abilities at this time. After all, I’m also passed 50.

For many years, I have taken non-prescription drugs, mostly because of tooth-ache or headache, but maybe I’ve pushed myself too far and thus not been in balance with the strength and stability to match my flexibility; common for dancers.

How is your body feeling and how can you help it feel better with gentle practice?

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