Balancing wind and water

I took an interest in Feng Shui at the same time, I started practicing Qigong and received Acupuncture in 1995, since these practices are somewhat intertwined through Chinese Medicine. In 2001, I wrote a series of articles for a local e-zine applying a Feng Shui inspired perspective on a new neighbourhood built in Malmö, Sweden, that also was a fair about future living, in 2001. I also let a licensed Feng Shui practitioner have her say. So, now that I’ve moved to another apartment in Stockholm, Sweden that I was given by the city, I thought I’d share how it fits according to Feng Shui, so far.

It’s said that we should have a mountain behind us and have the ocean in front of us, to increase opportunities and feel safe. Especially facing East, since this is where the sun rises. My kitchen faces east and I can see the sunrise, sitting at my table. And another house, has my back.

In my living room, that is on the front side entrance, of the apartment building, I see the sunset, at Mälaren, the Stockholm river and inflow from the Baltic Sea, right down below me. I really enjoyed watching the sunset when I lived in Hawaii a decade ago, so this fits me well personally. It can provoke sadness, perhaps, and prove to be a little less social, but that is also how I like my home to be my own sacred refuge, first and foremost, with only specific and chosen friends and acquaintances by my invitation only, to visit. My address, also consists of to me, auspicious numbers, with a street name that echoes my grandfather. All, to create a more stabil and better foundation for my next step in life, when I’ve recuperated and gotten a good overview of my situation.

Feng Shui, means to balance wind and water, and can also be applied in our home and businesses, by using a square map, where we can see which areas of a room, or our entire house plan, can be designated for each purpose (such as career, communication, socializing, learning and romance). Upon that, we can boost what we would like to increase in our life by placing our furniture accordingly, choosing colors, and plants and little objects, to inspire. You have perhaps seen many mansions that have a fountain in front of their entrance? This is instead of having the actual ocean there.

I’ll show you the lot, when my interior design is done!

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