Choosing a cause

To take yourself out of a rut and become more energized with a purpose, choosing a cause to advocate can do the trick. While it can be scary to go against something, or even against authorities, focusing on promoting what is good, emphasizing the desired outcome and gather with others who feel the same way, infuse you with good energy. And a cause that is always timely and concern the wellbeing of many, is of course tending to Mother Earth.

We all need clean water to drink, clean and nutritious food to eat, safe homes with well regulated temperatures and transportation that doesn’t pollute our air. Having the environment as your prioritized cause can enable you to connect globally with others on the same journey, as well as keeping you grounded in what to believe in regardless of neither political, nor religious beliefs. Both politics and religions are much about how we should live our lives, while instead really focusing on the actual issue at hand, can open up for new creative solutions, where yours can be one.

Protect what is beautiful, places of origin in nature. Go find your own local treasures and document them to the world. Join organizations that promote wildlife and care about these habitats. And educate yourself more about our conditions for living a good life on planet Earth.

Where is your favorite spot?

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