Visualising Telluselle Living Center

To create a vision, you need just to imagine and paint your own picture of how you would like something to be in your mind. A vision is how we would like something to look and become, while a mission is a statement of the purpose for an organization. Here is my vision for Telluselle Living Center:

I’d like to see a house that is self-sustainable with its own power and water that is cleaned in our own system, made of bamboo, located in a park. Easily accessible for both commuters, bike-riders, and occasional visitors arriving by car. And eventually built everywhere as a franchise.

Inside you’ll find an organic café and mini spa for massages, facial treatments and hair salon, that only use biological products. In one room there is meetings with groups of people, discussing topics about how to become a more conscious and compassionate human, how to improve ourselves and our relationships. Other groups share their ideas of creating green solutions founding new entrepreneurs. For those who prefer one-on-one coaching sessions, I offer that. Now and then, we also receive speakers that share their life story, travels and lessons, for us to become inspired by, and teachers that enlighten and enable our mission to create a greener health with more creativity. Meditation, yoga and qigong is practiced in one room, while another host groups for dancing barefoot to the beat of Mother Earth, to the spirit of life, tending to our souls’ innate longing for full expression.

Daytime, students and unemployed people might be our biggest customer base, while evenings become filled by after work practitioners. Naturally, we also offer deals within the insurance policies that employers have, creating a system for self-care and wellness that brings forth more productivity and longevity within the field of happiness and motivation.

At Telluselle Living Center, we hold the earth together.

For a more detailed business plan, e-mail me at Photo from Bamboo Living.

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