Gratitude is a shortcut to happiness

Have you too heard about keeping a gratitude journal? Maybe you’ve bought a pre-defined one with prompts to answer or maybe you haven’t really figured out what and how to write one? Here is how!

  1. Buy a notebook that you think is pretty, a diary.
  2. Decide a time of day you’d like to write, that you try let become a habit.
  3. Start each sentence with: “Today, I’m grateful for …” (or leave out today) and simply fill in your own examples, preferably at least 10.

What you now will notice, is how you each day will recognize things around you and in your meetings with others, that you would like to write down in your journal, as you start to focus more on the positive in your life. Not only that, but after a while, things to be grateful for seem to even increase!

Here is my example:

I’m grateful for sunshine.

I’m grateful for a nice compliment from someone saying he understands why another likes me.

I’m grateful for having what I need.

I’m grateful for pretty clothes that fit.

I’m grateful to have free internet.

I’m grateful for new likes and followers.

I’m grateful to be able to take Isadora Duncan dance classes through Zoom.

I’m grateful for medicine that works fast for my sensitive stomach.

I’m grateful for my new glasses.

I’m grateful for tofu and rice.

What are you grateful for?

To find more tips on working with gratitude as a gateway to abundance, click here.

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