Being spiritual

There seem to be a common understanding that being spiritual would imply tending to our emotions and using various mindfulness tools to for example feel calmer or aid in healing a broken heart. Although our thoughts can impact how we feel and how we feel can affect our thoughts, it’s not the same as being spiritual. Being spiritual is to add a dimension to our perception and beliefs that together constitute our faith and our way of dealing with existential angst, such as believing in an after-life or that spirits can live unseen among us. It can also be believing in feeling connected to another realm than our normal physical and literal world and that we can reach through prayer.

Our spirit can be found through our breath and it’s what make us feel interconnected. It’s how we can experience synchronicities and being connected through our hearts with those who live afar from us. Thus, being spiritual is to add a dimension to our reality, while our emotions are about how we feel, and our bodies’ needs, and senses are about the physical aspect. Trying to understand this; ourselves, others and the world, make up our intellect, how we think about things.

Standing in a yoga pose or trying to cope with grief and reading regular books about it, however I suggest, is nothing spiritual at all. What makes us believe in or not believe in certain things, constitute spirituality.

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