Using vision boards

Have you guys ever heard of making and using vision boards to help you achieve your goals? I’ve made vision boards since I saw it on Oprah some 20 years ago and find them fascinating. Many are the times, I’ve attracted exactly what I’ve been posting later, without knowing it at the time, so I thought I’d share some.

You make one by taking a big size paper and glue a photo of yourself in the middle. Then you look through various magazines, catalogues and brochures with the eyes of wonder. Cut out images and words that you find appealing. You shouldn’t analyse this at all, but just go with what you find attractive. You can also add printed out images if you want to be more specific, but that takes away some of the discoveries you’ll make when you’re done. Glue all your clippings around your photo as you see it fit and look appealing. This too, need no analysing when you’re in the midst of it. It’s supposed to be fun and be in flow! Then, put it in a place where you can have a look regularly, or even hide it in a closet for a certain time to see what happens…. You will attract what you pasted!

The first vision board is one I made in Honolulu in 2010. “Lighthouse wonder origin” became a reconnection to my inner child, which started through meeting someone I think of as a “lighthouse” in 2004. But, I’ve indeed pondered about how “stepping into 3 million dollars pure” could become true, especially after landing in Sweden, completely unplanned. But… about two months ago, I was contacted about taking part of a class action lawsuit against Facebook for those who have been residing in the US 2010-11 to share 90 million US dollars. I was a little sceptical at first of course but saw that one of the attorneys is in Hawaii, so that made me sign up. I have yet to find out how much each of us will receive, but as far as I’ve learned the deal is on. Can you imagine? What if I would become a millionaire or at least get enough to continue forward, to go to San Francisco as planned?

The second vision board shows “Natural born Paradise leader” and “silk” among other things and was made in Sweden in early 2013 – a year prior to hearing about, and starting to take, Isadora Duncan dance classes, where we indeed are wearing tunics, made of… silk. I also found myself feeling reborn after going to Portugal in 2015 and being able to overcome my fear of water and get my head under.

So, get your scissors out, collect some magazines and get down to it! If nothing else, you’ll have a nice reminder of what you prefer and long for. I’ve introduced this to a couple of people in Stockholm through MeetUp and hopefully, this too will become part of our activities at Telluselle Living Center.

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