Coaching tip: Level with the opposite

A secret way to increase our creativity, is by doing something the opposite way, or simply think of the opposite. This opens up a broader spectrum with room for more nuances, as well as more ways to interpret the situation and find more possible solutions. This way can also be used for a life coaching purpose.

My own current example that I’m going through, is dealing with the changes my body is undergoing, partly because of others’ imposed stress and partly because of arriving menopause and health challenges with some needed surgeries to be done (healing my teeth and removing skin cancer). The natural response to this is of course to be afraid. While I in no means think that one shouldn’t be afraid but take this fear seriously, an opposite thought and emotion can prove to be helpful. What if instead of being scared you became excited? Excitement paves the way for a positive outlook and expectation, with an open mindset to not know for sure what is going to happen, when or how, but to see it as something new to grow from. Therefore, I’ve decided to remember to seek a feeling of excitement to be led by.

This way of using the opposites, can also be used to find and heal any other negative thought or emotion. Anytime you feel dread, negativity, envy, jealousy or so, and want to move away from that, make sure not to try to escape it, but transform it with the help of its opposite. If you feel stressed, how can you transform this into calm?

To read more life coaching examples of how to transform things into its positive opposite, click here.

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