Living according to season

The best health is the one we have without knowing, without having to think about it, when we’re in a natural state of flow and happiness. Nonetheless, something that is fairly easy to live by and always is sustainable, is to live according to season.

When fall comes, we change into warmer clothes and do more indoors. And we are made aware of the full array of fresh produce that now have come to be harvested. Eating according to season, is one way of living a sustainable life. This means to eat only what is naturally growing where you live and when it does, such as strawberries in the summer and apples in the fall. Here in Sweden, we would not have any fruit during winter if we only lived according to what is naturally abundant on our land, but at least if we only resort to buy imported fruits and vegetables during winter, we’re still going with what is sustainable before available, as a preference. Even if you don’t, or can’t, grow any of your own vegetables or fruits, you can research what is naturally being farmed where you live and try to prioritize to buy local and organic when you can. This enables you to live in more harmony with nature and thus have better health.

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