Children of the land

It was through the Hawaiian organization Kanu Hawaii, together with dancing Hula, that I got to develop my connection to Mother Earth in a more tangible way, yet spiritually founded, in 2010. But it started already in 2004, when I was there the first time and became in total awe of the splendid beauty of the volcanoes and had such an overwhelming experience. There is something very profound and existential to witness first-hand how Earth is made, how the volcanic lava creates new ground, and how a tiny red flower called ‘Ohi’a lehua, becomes the first to grow on it. It was the beginning of Earth being birthed right there in front of me, and the beginning of a new life for me, after my own mother had just passed away. (More on this can be read in my book “The Call for Divine Mothering“.)

I had long before this, always felt attracted to the shamanic way of living and beliefs, wondering if it would be possible to integrate this into an urban lifestyle and in Hawaii, I found this more possible, thanks to their way of life, incorporated in the Aloha-spirit and the ideology Huna. A way to become a true warrior, but of peace and beauty, rather than only battle (which of course Hawaiians also are quite capable of and have been throughout history). The Hawaiian history is simply somewhat younger and therefore, there still are remnants to cherish and continue with.

One of the symbols of Hawaii is the turtle, which often is said to symbolically be the one carrying earth on its back, and called Honu in Hawaiian, which together with lulu, means a safe place to gather for turtles.

We’re all her children and we’re all destined to find our place in the eco-system as a worthy species, put in place. As soon as you realise this within yourself in relation to the land, you too can realise oneness.

This song is entitled Keiki O Ka ‘Aina, which means children of the land and remind us to uphold the stories and myths in Hawaii – and elsewhere.

The latest news about the volcanoes in Hawaii can be read here.

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