Breathing in a square

There are certainly many ways to meditate with guidance, yet it still is in the practice you really are taught. Use your own experiences to guide you and try different techniques to breathe. Do you prefer silence or to have music on?

The main goal for all meditation, is to calm our mind and find stillness and peace within, that we can carry out into the world to create a peaceful environment, and ultimately contribute to peace on earth. It’s possible!

One way to reach to this place in your meditation, is through breathing in a square. Start by sitting down and let your hands rest on your knees, palms facing up to let energy enter you. If you would like to add a Qigong twist on it, you can alter your hands facing downwards when you exhale, thus letting go of energy, and upwards when you inhale. Now, count while you are inhaling, such as to four perhaps. Use the same tempo for your counting while you pause, holding your breath for four counts. Exhale and count to four. Then pause again, and count to four. Then inhale, counting to four again, and so forth.

In the space between the exhale and the inhale, is where you can find stillness.

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