Detoxing through our feet

For many years, I have known and experienced that my feet are just as much of an energy outlet as my hands. I like walking barefoot on wooden floors, besides outside when the weather permits, because it grounds me. I have also felt how standing in the ocean can pull out unwanted energies. Then there is of course Reflexology, which perhaps is why walking in a pair of Birkenstock sandals feels so good.

This is why, I now have decided to try Japanese Nuubu’s detoxing foot pads, after knowing about them for a long time. They do work! Just put one on each of your soles and go to sleep! Through an herbal mix with ingredients like bamboo vinegar and tourmaline, our sweat glands become activated and thus release toxins. The pads did become black after my first night with them, which I believe is from environmental residues. According to Chinese Medicine, our skin is our body’s third lung.

So, whether it’s to relieve yourself from extensive walking by resting your feet on a chair while you lay on the floor, or giving yourself a pedicure, don’t forget to workout and tend to your feet this summer! And let yourself become cleansed. You can find more about Nubuu here.

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