Hot tips!

Feeling hot? Even Sweden, where I am at, is having a major heatwave this week, so I thought I’d share some of my best tips to keep cool, based on my experience of living in Hawaii, and growing up with my traveling parents.

  • Keep your windows closed during the day and only open them early morning or late evening. Just like you don’t want it to become cold in the midst of winter, you don’t want the heat to enter either.
  • Drink your tea! Drinking something hot enables your body to naturally start cooling down, just as the opposite is true – believe it or not, drinking ice-cold drinks shocks your entire system, that instead will try to warm up!
  • Rinse your neck, wrists and ankles in cold water for a quick relief.
  • Add some salt to your food such as crackers or chips, and refill yourself with small sips of water continuously throughout the day. And don’t forget your electrolytes.


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