Competing to learn

While we aren’t supposed to compare ourselves all the time to others, since we don’t really know what others’ lessons in life are about, or what they had to do first, we can still use others for a healthy dose of competition. By comparing, we can see if we’re meeting a standard, and most of all, what we need to improve.

The best progress always comes from within, when we take off our focus from winning or loosing, to learning. This applies both to our sports and arts, as well as in our regular life. Whatever happens to us, can be seen as a lesson to learn. By this, we foster a humble attitude, and can open ourselves up for new solutions. Solutions that might not have come forth, without the lesson.

And which lessons do we need to learn collectively as a society? What can we do in our own communities? Both online and in real life. This can be the base for further discussions at Telluselle Living Center.

The leaves and tree showing in the photos are oak, a tree of wisdom.

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