Finding the right conditions

War is certainly not the kind of conditions anyone wants, or where someone can thrive, so naturally people need to flee. This in turn changes both the conditions that were left, as well as the new that one enters. At least after some time has passed, and if many followed suit. But, we don’t only flee from war, sometimes we also need to flee because of famine and poverty.

Our society, ie our culture, environment and laws, is the conditions we live in. So what do we want to live in? This is also part of lifecoaching. We don’t only clarify your goals and how to achieve them together with you, but also let you become more assertive when it comes to finding the conditions you need. This has foremost to do where you want to live and why.

Other conditions can be referred to as terms, such as salary, working hours and type of industry. Each comes with its own culture and type of leadership. What would you prefer? Now, after the pandemic, perhaps you also have the option to work remote. But is that what you want?

And finally, to be able to blossom, we also need the kind of people around us that will support you and your endeavour, as well as challenge you to not loose yourself in your own envisioning. How are you going to succeed? This is what making plans are for. To help you lead your life and not just respond to others.

Would you like to try? Contact me for your first free coaching session!

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