Dancing barefoot

What does Hawaiian Hula, West African dance and Isadora Duncan have in common? And why do I want to host these three disciplines at Telluselle Living Center?

First of all: The music. All three disciplines mainly use instrumental music, whether percussion or classic piano, and live. And the Hawaiian language, by its own logic, allow us to focus more on the melody, since we don’t speak Hawaiian. We might though!

Second: The themes. All three forms of dancing have nature in common, whether it’s to pay tribute to, or to share the history of a place. There is also a spiritual element.

And third: We dance barefoot, and we often perform outside.

Other types of dancing, like Modern or Jazzdance, derive from West African and Isadora Duncan, together with Classical ballet and Martha Graham, but are not going to be offered at TLC. However, for those interested in seeing dance as a form of healing, there will be Ecstatic dancing and 5rhythms to practice.

We’re one with Earth.

Photo shows an Isadora Duncan dance pose.

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