Creating a culture

Everything from how we dress, to how we communicate in a group, constitutes a culture. To create one for its members to feel a strong sense of community, fellowship and belonging, is a must and the primary tool for its leader, to create a successful organization. And often, we have both an informal leader and an employed. The informal leader is a person that the group tend to go to, while the employed leader is a manager or a director. The best result for the organization and its culture, is of course that there is harmony with both, or that there is no need for an informal leader.

At Telluselle Living Center, my thought is to employ, or assign, small business owners and leaders of various practices to operate under the same roof, with a joint strategy for marketing and sales, as well as shared rent, and profit! With so many teacher training courses nowadays, I assume that there are plenty of people who wants to teach. And as long as someone is following a path of lineage of the practice (Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Hula, Isadora Duncan, WestAfrican, 5rhythms as well as Pranic healing and Lomimlomi), we will be good to go!

Are you interested to be part of this venture? Or to learn more about this plan? Contact me for more information.

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