Borders and boundaries

One of the cornerstones of Lifecoaching, is to clarify and communicate boundaries more consciously. We can think of a boundary to be very much like a border. Although we may strive for unity, it’s not consistent with human nature to just tag along. Rather enforcing our borders and boundaries, is a must for our survival. Animals have marked their territories for centuries, and so do humans. But, the question then arises, when we consider our groups as global, both culturally and online, where do we draw the line? And how much should we fight to protect these borders?

Start by centering yourself in a state of meditation. Then go through and feel your entire body. Become aware of your feet, hands, face, arms etc and think of how this is your first border, your primary space for your soul to dwell in.

After that, expand your awareness to encompass the room and the house you are in. Who do you let in and on what premises? It must even be why we use the same word, isn’t it? Which are your rules? Your values that these rest on?

Then, it’s time to embrace the world as your space, Mother Earth, and her population. Find your role in the eco-system. What do you contribute with to our food-chain? It’s by finding our identities here, we can grow a spiritual connection to Source, and thus experience oneness.

And finally, claim your outer space, your cyberspace. Where do you draw the lines there? Do you add strangers and let that be how you get to know new friends, or do you only add people you have met in person? Or that belong to the same church or other point of interest?

Most people are completely unaware of your thinking and feeling, which is why you must make this clear to your family, friends and co-workers. Alas, it’s time to communicate these boundaries and borders! You can state something on your profiles online, adjust your settings, and likewise apply this by deciding who to invite or not, just like the people you actually surround yourself with. If you aren’t in a group that makes you feel both comfortable, uplifted and encouraged, find a new! Both online, and in real life.

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Photo from Belem, Portugal.

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