What is a dialogue?

There is no better tool for peace and personal development than the dialogue. It builds on both parties entering it, show utmost respect and neutrality. It’s not about taking sides, or be right or wrong, but rather about hearing each other out, on equal grounds, with an approach that is genuine. In order for a dialogue to work, we must follow certain steps, to honor the process as intended:

  1. Set a place and time on neutral ground (ie not at home or either’s workplace)
  2. Decide on a topic or state the problem
  3. Explore the definition of the topic or problem
  4. Summarize
  5. Suggest solutions
  6. Find consensus, often a mix of solutions, or a third way, will arise
  7. Make a conclusion and preferably a decision

And later, we follow up with an evaluation, checking that action has been taken accordingly.

The dialogue thus, is more than a regular conversation. It’s the tool we use as Lifecoaches, usually for 45 min, which is an average proven time, that we are able to focus and be fully present – a must! You can see it as a good interview. When we offer a dialogue (a coaching session), the solemn purpose is to bring forth your own best strategies to reach a goal. It can also be used to create forgiveness.

Try it yourself!

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