Day to day progress

In order to really feel positive change, we must feel it in our daily lives. While most of us long for pristine beaches, lush mountains, and only hearing birdsong outside our windows, going on a retreat will produce nothing. You probably even become more tired than rested, if you are led by the belief that you need to achieve something on your vacation. Besides, travelling somewhere should be about the destination, not a practice. A way to explore, discover and celebrate.

Telluselle Living Center is going to be designed like a spa, and be situated in a park close to the city; a site used for activities after work, that directly become integrated with your daily life. In fact, our sacred conversation circles are meant to be used as a sounding board for improving your relationships, increasing your creativity, and trying new ways of looking at life, as it is here and now. Trying, and then returning to the group with an experience to share, to see how it works. Lifecoaching, qigong, meditation, yoga and dancing are all too precious to not practice regularly. And the only way to incorporate any lessons we might have learned by listening to a lecture, gone to a workshop, or tried on a retreat, is to indeed do it, where we live. It’s also the only way we can measure our progress.

I hope you’ll join me.

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