Setting a health goal

Something I have learned lately, is to consider my shape of the day, before rising to the occasion. Often when we aim to increase our vitality, or simply want to feel better, we tend to forget what our starting point is. To feel better, ie become more healthy, we must take this into account, that nothing is ever constant, change is. There simply is no way to always feel good. But we can find a good enough level.

To raise our wellness, is possible when we focus on getting our needs met, and learn to adapt these needs to our current state, whether we need an extra boost of this or that, to rest, or finding an opportune time to do something strenuous. What we really want, is to improve our shape of the day, so that we can live in optimum health, rather than aim for an achievement.

How do you feel? What is different yesterday from today, and what do you desire? What can you do today to restore your loss, or build something better? Which needs are more important to fulfil right now? What created this goal and how can you make sure you don’t fall back?

Book a session with your favorite lifecoach to feel better!

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