What is self-care?

If you are interested in personal development and yoga, you probably have encountered the phrase “self-care”, but what is it really? Is it to do yoga every day and drink smoothies?

Self-care is about tuning into, and showing care, towards oneself. It’s to not be violent against oneself, as Lori Belilove, Isadora Duncan dance teacher, put it. It’s in how we do things. How we use our hands and our bodies, how we take the stand in a pose, being careful and gentle.

Self-care is about tending to our needs of anything from solitude and reflection, to socialising, sleeping and eating, exercising and spending time outdoors, and feeding our spiritual and intellectual curiosity with more knowledge. Part of tending to these needs, can be wellness practices, that we can use towards feeling better and become more productive at work or in our studies. But the wellness practice in itself, such as yoga, qigong and meditation, isn’t it. You need to also be able to love yourself, in order to exercise proper self-care. To give yourself tender loving care.

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