Healing modalities

In my quest to heal both physical symptoms and a grieving soul, I have tried several methods (besides counselling) to do so, since the mid 90’s. Here are more about my experiences:

Acupuncture felt like it did affect me so much that I just got more symptoms. However, Acupressure and its adjoining massage, helped me feel balanced and relaxed. Medical qigong activated my own self-healing. And Energymassage and Shiatsu continued it, refilling myself.

Deeksha have also been given me, but mostly with negative emerging feelings, whereas Shaktipat enabled me to do another shamanic journey to my subconscious and heal a childhood experience.

Reiki gave me some moments of warmth and releasing tears, but nothing that lasted. It felt similar to be prayed upon, with the laying of hands, which I have received in church.

Lomilomi massage felt like an extension of acupressure, with a participatory breathing work. This helped me feel realigned with my old self as a young adult, and has given me the best result.

Pranic healing felt light and uplifting, as a removal of clouds and more direct. A clearing.

Divine Diamond healing was something I tried in a group, where healing was channeled through meditation.

Naprapathy was an adjustment of posture, providing my body with more inner space to function better, while Rolfing, I thought was too rough, ie hurting.

At Telluselle Living Center, we’ll offer what is preferred by our customers, with a focus on Lomilomi, Pranic healing and Acupressure, while we also recognize that herbs and flower essences, such as Aromatherapy, can aid. These healing modalities don’t constitute any need of worship or require a specific faith, but aims to create wellness with a raised awareness of one’s body, mind and soul.

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