Meditation practices

I started meditating as part of Qigong in 1995 and as part of Yoga in 2001. There are two ways to meditate:

  1. To increase presence, by focusing on your breath
  2. To visualize, either an imagination, or recalling memories

Sit with straight back on a pillow on the floor, and simply let yourself relax with closed eyes. Let your thoughts come and go and pay attention to your breath. You can try to breathe both faster and slower to find your new pace. Fill your stomach with air to ground you and your chest to feel. Let each exhale empty your mind, and let each inhale, fill it with a positive thought (you might want to use a word as an affirmation). After much practice, choosing your breath will enable you to enter the same consciousness whenever you want to. It is this peace we aim to carry out.

Mediation can be practiced in various forms. Here is one with a tree, and one during walking.

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