What is Lifecoaching?

You’ve probably seen lots of posts about lifehacks or career development suggestions, and think of these and other healthy wellness tips, as life coaching. While these can be inspirational, life coaching however, isn’t intended to be a how-to guide. Lifecoaching is a method, and an approach to life, to stimulate personal growth. We believe that the client holds his/her own best solution and form our questions on a neutral ground, with genuine curiosity and interest, with no other agenda than your success.

Typically, a coaching session lasts for 45 minutes to an hour, and is conducted very much like an interview. You’ll be asked questions, but instead of trying to impress me, the coach, your answers are for yourself to become more clear about what you want to improve and how. It can be a relationship, a situation, a condition you live under, that needs change. You might have a dream you’d like to make into a goal or a problem to solve. With me as your sounding board, you’ll be provided with more questions to each answer, and several perspectives to compare with, as I summarize you. All made to increase your own motivation for action, that I follow up with you. A good time frame is to allow 3-6 months, with one session every other week.

Lifecoaching, and especially careercoaching, can also be conducted in small groups, where we go around the table for each person to share on his/her turn, while we can benefit from others’ experiences to inspire our own insights and will to create.

Ready to try? Contact me at hannah@telluselleliving.com

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