The green alternative

At Telluselle Living Center, it’s my ambition to host coaching groups, where one of the topics is to create green inventions and methods, ie how we can live a more organic and sustainable life. In this way, we become proactive, rather than just protest that not enough is being done to curb climate change.

To be proactive, is part of non-violent communication, where we lead the way by showing how we want it to be, rather than opposing what we don’t like. This way, is also the foundation for reconciliation, and making peace in conflicts. It gives us room for creativity, when we get to consider a third way instead of taking sides. It’s this creativity, we can harness and develop through round the table discussions. We’ll start by defining examples of how we can live individually, in community and in society. Then we’ll try this, and support each other to endure the process and grow. All based on wanting to create green health.

Other topics for small groups, can include virtues and compassion, recovery and going through changes. What would you like to be supported with?

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