Practising Lifecoaching

One of the ways Lifecoaching works, is through our attention to conditions. We understand that in order to fulfil a goal, we must have the right conditions, such as resources (time, money, contacts, knowledge etc) but also a good environment and culture, with a strong will. But, one of the things I hear the most, is how a client, or potential one, doesn’t know what he or she wants. What can be done then?

Here is where the different steps come in. By going through what we have, we can see possibilities easier. And then by setting boundaries, we create space within, to both think and feel with less intrusion by others’ opinions. With this space, we are given room to maneuver and thus steer the direction of our lives better. We can make decisions that are informed, not only by outer information but our own.

The benefits of coaching thus are:

  • More distinct choosing
  • More solid decisionmaking
  • More understanding of self
  • More clarity of needs
  • More balance in life

Ready for more? Contact me for a free coaching session to try!

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