Practising Qigong

I started practising Medical qigong in 1995. Qigong means “extraordinary effort of energy” and is a series of motions that we do with synchronised breathing. Each motion corresponds to a meridian – that is how our energy circulate throughout our bodies, and its organs. Each organ in turn, corresponds to an emotion that function as a layer of that organ. For example, kidneys and fear are linked together with water, and liver and anger with fire. Then, each organ effects the other as the natural elements do, in cycles. This is the foundation of Chinese Medicine and thus, also applicable for acupuncture and acupressure. All designed to help us to be in balance.

To me, qigong was a lesson to slow down, as well as learn how to meditate and open up for feeling energy. It later has become a way to rejuvenate myself and free up creativity to get my inspiration flowing. Most of all, I now can take with me the ability to inhale, or exhale, in sync with a motion more deliberately that works well for both yoga and dancing, or even walking, letting the breath lead.

Qigong is best practiced at sunrise or sunset, or noon or midnight, to be in sync with yin and yang, and can be done both outside and inside, preferably barefoot.

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