Get going with coaching!

To develop a more defined professional aptitude, ie get a good job that you like doing and/or will lead you to a better job, here are my assessment questions and examples, that I use in my life coaching. What you’re getting from me is my help for you to answer these questions and more, my support and new perspectives, on time dedicated to your progress. Ready to change?

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  1. Introduction: Your current situation and life
  2. Personality: Who you are, your virtues and traits, type of
  3. Skills: Inventory of what you’ve learned in college, on the job and in life
  4. Values: What is most important?
  5. Vision and purpose: How would you like to live?
  6. Goal: What would you like to achieve and why?
  7. Strategy: How will you reach your goal? Resources, support and reward
  8. Evaluation: Follow-ups with action-steps taken

Things you have learned can be: Oral or written presentations, take notes, keep things organized, make phone calls, answer calls, sell, sort, count, use your hands, follow up, plan, summarize, do research, write, programs, translate, clean, care for, listen to others, ask questions, look up things, analyse, create ideas, take initiative etc

How do you like to work? Inside, outside, in your own office with closed door, in the same room together with others, regular day shifts or irregular, with travel, domestic and local, international or global, products or services, making, repairing or keeping, small groups or large, in person or online, leading or following.


It’s all about being specific!

Contact me for a coaching session to get going!

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