Choosing perspective

Just like authors can tell a story from different characters’ point of view, we too can choose perspective when we engage in discussions about a certain topic.

Often a certain opinion becomes lifted as the “right” one because of the many likes it gets, or because the one saying it is famous, ie has many followers. Do you dare go against it? What do you really think?

To make it even more creative, you can choose the perspective, the approach, to a discussion on purpose. This opens up for less prejudice and less bullying, and at best can open up for more solutions. It’s also how we can encourage reconciliation and peace in agreement.

Next time you read an article about a hot topic, try seeing both sides.

If you see that someone could be threatened, you can choose to take the lead on that lurking threat by taking over their opinion to a certain degree, and thereby own the threat that therefore won’t be carried out. Taking the lead including with someone else’s criticism, enables us to take power over it.

Now, add your own real opinion!

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