According to lineage

Each teacher, instructor or healer, at Telluselle Living Center, will offer their services and classes based on a foundation of following a specific school, or path of lineage. At TLC we believe that nobody can, or should, be teaching anything that hasn’t also been taught, and shown, with a reference. This way we can strengthen the bond between student and teacher, master and apprentice, and thus build on proven experience.

This applies to all activities such as Qigong, Hawaiian Hula, Isadora Duncan, Lomilomi treatments and Yoga. All lifecoaches will be educated and follow ICF’s guidelines.

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Passion and purpose

Are you striving for more meaning in your everyday life? Then have a look at your passion and purpose – the two fundamentals of Lifecoaching.

Passion is either to have a cause one strongly believes in and let that guide you. Or, passion can be something you love doing that lights up your eyes. What is that? You probably found it as a child but perhaps let it be forgotten or not prioritized. Take it up again! You can then either pursue it as a career, or let it be a favorite pastime.

The purpose is why we do what we do. It becomes a personal mission of a sorts. One of the most common ones is to want to help others. Let this guide you everyday and you’ll soon have both more direction and meaning.

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Finding peace

As we approach the holidays, let not stress ruin it for you. Set clear goals of how you want it to be, with whom, or with none! Decide what you would like to feel and know that most state of minds – and hearts – are a choice. We simply need to apply a different perspective to get there. As with most things, we need the opposite, or negative, to treasure the positive. We need darkness to appreciate light. We need grief to appreciate joy. And we need conflict to appreciate peace.

Just like with happiness, we can choose peace as a path. I found mine through remembering to live life as if I only had a short time left to live. It was the lesson I received after my mother had passed away and I found a lump in my own chest that needed a biopsy in 2008. What if? What would I do? I would want to go back to Hawaii… and did anyway! I also choose to forgive others and simply try to not leave anything unsaid or undone, when I go to sleep. With this comes peace naturally as the result.

I believe we are made of love, light and peace, so it’s our natural state, a treasure inside our core as humans, which we reach through meditation and breathing.

When it comes to outer peace, that too is a choice. When we focus on solutions and reconciliation, we can put our own opinion a little aside and be practical. What needs to be done? And what is really important? Let rather your needs be what steers you, than to win an argument.

Happy peaceful Thanksgiving!

Care about yourself, others and earth

The current motto for Telluselle Living Center in the making, is care about yourself, others and earth. I’ve chosen this to be the focal point for our planned activities, this way:

We start with self-care – caring about getting our needs met, to strike a healthy balance between work and play, socialising and solitude, and overall wellness.

When we have cared for ourselves, we can also care about others from a good place of not assuming better, but rather really be able to listen and support. Something we get to practice in our coaching groups, for example.

And finally, as we grow as a community, or simply grow in awareness of our own power, we can care about earth too. This means in our decision-making, and in how we look at our own place in the eco-system, appreciating nature. And how we dance in Her honor!

Telluselle Living – a TV-show?

Some years ago when I set out to go live in the United States, I thought of how I wish there was a TV-show focusing on living organic, so I made a pitch in 2010 to OWN, when Oprah sought ideas. After all, I created the name Telluselle to become a brand for green wellness. Tellus is Latin for planet Earth and elle means she in French, which is my noble heritage. I still think it would be wonderful!

Imagine a TV-show once a week with weekly features presenting:

  • Green inventions
  • Extinct – visit place/animal/plant
  • Fashion – fabrics, designs etc
  • Food – bio, organic, local; farm and facts
  • Energy – on and off the grid, cost, implementations and examples
  • Home – recycle & reuse examples
  • Indigenous wisdom around the world

Then more people could achieve green health and be Telluselle Living!

Photo: Creative commons

Meditation practices

I started meditating as part of Qigong in 1995 and as part of Yoga in 2001. There are two ways to meditate:

  1. To increase presence, by focusing on your breath
  2. To visualize, either an imagination, or recalling memories

Sit with straight back on a pillow on the floor, and simply let yourself relax with closed eyes. Let your thoughts come and go and pay attention to your breath. You can try to breathe both faster and slower to find your new pace. Fill your stomach with air to ground you and your chest to feel. Let each exhale empty your mind, and let each inhale, fill it with a positive thought (you might want to use a word as an affirmation). After much practice, choosing your breath will enable you to enter the same consciousness whenever you want to. It is this peace we aim to carry out.

Mediation can be practiced in various forms. Here is one with a tree, and one during walking.

What is Lifecoaching?

You’ve probably seen lots of posts about lifehacks or career development suggestions, and think of these and other healthy wellness tips, as lifecoaching. While these can be inspirational, lifecoaching however, isn’t intended to be a how-to guide. Lifecoaching is a method, and an approach to life, to stimulate personal growth. We believe that the client holds his/her own best solution and form our questions on a neutral ground, with genuine curiosity and interest, with no other agenda than your success.

Typically, a coaching session lasts for 45 minutes to an hour, and is conducted very much like an interview. You’ll be asked questions, but instead of trying to impress me, the coach, your answers are for yourself to become more clear about what you want to improve and how. It can be a relationship, a situation, a condition you live under, that needs change. You might have a dream you’d like to make into a goal or a problem to solve. With me as your sounding board, you’ll be provided with more questions to each answer, and several perspectives to compare with, as I summarize you. All made to increase your own motivation for action, that I follow up with you. A good time frame is to allow 3-6 months, with one session every other week.

Lifecoaching, and especially careercoaching, can also be conducted in small groups, where we go around the table for each person to share on his/her turn, while we can benefit from others’ experiences to inspire our own insights and will to create.

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The green alternative

At Telluselle Living Center, it’s my ambition to host coaching groups, where one of the topics is to create green inventions and methods, ie how we can live a more organic and sustainable life. In this way, we become proactive, rather than just protest that not enough is being done to curb climate change.

To be proactive, is part of non-violent communication, where we lead the way by showing how we want it to be, rather than opposing what we don’t like. This way, is also the foundation for reconciliation, and making peace in conflicts. It gives us room for creativity, when we get to consider a third way instead of taking sides. It’s this creativity, we can harness and develop through round the table discussions. We’ll start by defining examples of how we can live individually, in community and in society. Then we’ll try this, and support each other to endure the process and grow. All based on wanting to create green health.

Other topics for small groups, can include virtues and compassion, recovery and going through changes. What would you like to be supported with?

Connecting to Mother Earth

For many years, as a horseback rider growing up, I’ve cultivated a relationship to Mother Earth, that I thought I’d share with you. To me, each straw of grass, each tree, and each animal all consist of life energy, a spirit that permeates all. It’s through this spirit we are one. Even the little pebbles and sand are remnants of a creative energy (the volcanoes). We’re all part of the eco-system.

In Hawaii, one can say that we share breath (Ha as in Aloha) which is the same thing. Everything alive comes from the same source, which in turn is the source of our food, and thus life. Next time you go for a walk, remember this. Tune into this feeling by remembering we all breathe the same air. In spirit!

The stories we tell with our bodies

When we are feeling cold, we hunker down and raise our shoulders against the wind. And against any harsh words or even the total seclusion by a bully. If we let it go on for a long period of time, our bodies will condition this posture as our normal one. Changing it to an upright position might even give us sore muscles, just like a massage can release the emotion encapsulate within the tension. It’s this, that is part of our muscle memory.

Luckily for dancers, our motions can likewise be repeated enough to become like an automatic reflex, especially helpful in our performances on stage when our nerves might temporarily block our minds. It’s also then we learn how to trust our bodies, and ourselves.

Which stories are stored within our bodies and what is it we want them to tell?

It’s this that is the foundation of the kind of dance classes I would like to host at Telluselle Living Center:

Hawaiian Hula


Isadora Duncan

5rhythms and Ecstatic

These all share a danced connection to nature, taught through generations, describing the relationship between spirit and man, inspired by myths of gods and godesses. For rites and relationships, harvest and heart, we dance barefoot to explore and express the natural beauty of our souls, liberated in this dialogue.

May I have this dance?

Practicing Hawaiian Hula

Just like with all other dance, we do a little warmup with the basic steps, and then we go through the choreography, ie which motions comes in which order, and in time to the music. The songs are about nature, places and people who have lived there, such as the Hawaiian Royal ancestors or loved ones. They also hold a spiritual dimension, where sometimes certain elements represent the presence of such.

Here is a snippet from “Grandmother Oak” that I first learned in Honolulu, HI in 2010 at Halau Healing Hula for Kumu Marian Ka’ipo Park, and now try to rehearse on my own, thanks to a video to watch from a new German friend.

Practising Lifecoaching

One of the ways Lifecoaching works, is through our attention to conditions. We understand that in order to fulfil a goal, we must have the right conditions, such as resources (time, money, contacts, knowledge etc) but also a good environment and culture, with a strong will. But, one of the things I hear the most, is how a client, or potential one, doesn’t know what he or she wants. What can be done then?

Here is where the different steps come in. By going through what we have, we can see possibilities easier. And then by setting boundaries, we create space within, to both think and feel with less intrusion by others’ opinions. With this space, we are given room to maneuver and thus steer the direction of our lives better. We can make decisions that are informed, not only by outer information but our own.

The benefits of coaching thus are:

  • More distinct choosing
  • More solid decisionmaking
  • More understanding of self
  • More clarity of needs
  • More balance in life

Ready for more? Contact me for a free coaching session to try!

Practising Qigong

I started practising Medical qigong in 1995. Qigong means “extraordinary effort of energy” and is a series of motions that we do with synchronised breathing. Each motion corresponds to a meridian – that is how our energy circulate throughout our bodies, and its organs. Each organ in turn, corresponds to an emotion that function as a layer of that organ. For example, kidneys and fear are linked together with water, and liver and anger with fire. Then, each organ effects the other as the natural elements do, in cycles. This is the foundation of Chinese Medicine and thus, also applicable for acupuncture and acupressure. All designed to help us to be in balance.

To me, qigong was a lesson to slow down, as well as learn how to meditate and open up for feeling energy. It later has become a way to rejuvenate myself and free up creativity to get my inspiration flowing. Most of all, I now can take with me the ability to inhale, or exhale, in sync with a motion more deliberately that works well for both yoga and dancing, or even walking, letting the breath lead.

Qigong is best practiced at sunrise or sunset, or noon or midnight, to be in sync with yin and yang, and can be done both outside and inside, preferably barefoot.

Clean eating

How does one eat to support wellness and good health? Most diets out there seem to be occupied with decreasing weight rather than creating strong and healthy bodies. For me, who never had any issues with gaining weight, it’s simple. It should look and taste what it is, preferably organic and/or locally produced.

I eat glutenfree, lactosefree (simply usually avoiding bread and dairy products) and half-vegetarian. That means, I also eat egg, fish and chicken. I avoid sauces and creams, stuffings and mixes, frying and spices. Food should taste good on its own and be the source of energy we need to be active. I drink about 1 1/2 – 2 liters of water every day.

To me, everything is about feeling well. And the better we feel, the less we need to think about it.

Practising Poweryoga

Yoga is commonly known as bringing a union between mind, body and spirit. I’d like to define it a bit differently. Yoga to me, is about bringing unity between our right and left sides of the brain. Our left side is commonly known for being the intellectual, verbal and logical side, also the masculine side. Our right side on the other hand, is known for things like intuition, visual and musicality, also the feminine side.

In yoga, there are several asanas where the motions are focusing on uniting these two sides, often by crossing the opposite hands and legs counter to each other. Have you tried it?

At Telluselle Living Center, we will focus on practising Ashtanga yoga.

Find happiness

Joy isn’t the same as being happy. Joy is like a rare cherry on top that we get to experience in fleeting moments, without preparation. Happiness however, is something we can acquire on our own.

To feel happy, you must feel content. To feel content you must first feel gratitude. So, start or end your days by listing things you feel grateful for. It can be things you’ve bought or received by others, but it can also be appreciation of nature, of validating compliments or getting a need met like solitude, or even your basic needs. It can also be what you have achieved. An extraordinary thing then happens. You receive more to be grateful for! What will happen is that you will learn how to notice things more and this good energy will multiply and generate more, especially if you also give more. Soon, you’re going to think about what you would like to write down when you come back home and see how easy it is to list these things. How does this makes you feel? Happy of course!

But, if you struggle with not really feeling grateful, you might need to first create peace within. We do this through meditation and/or prayers. When you sit with yourself in silence, you enter your own inner space where you can listen to your thoughts and notice your feelings more clearly. You’re not your thoughts or your emotions, you are a being having them. Who is this being? Get in touch with that. From this sense of inner peace, you now can choose how to look at the world. What are you going to look for? Things to be grateful for?

Happiness therefore also is a choice, an approach or attitude (To me, it’s even making one!) towards life.

Students of life

While we all should respect the rights of others and our own, it’s also important to provide space and time to discuss our values. Values are what we think and feel about different things. What we think and feel is most important and why. Together this creates a certain ideal of how we want life to be. And can be. We’re not going to create a Utopia but instead examine the ideals we live under and the ones we would like to have. How we want to look, how we want to eat, work, practice, relate and live. What others want in comparison, and find whether to create the same or respect the differences.

At Telluselle Living Center, it’s my ambition to have these type of discussions in small groups – sacred circles for conversations – and sometimes as seminars with guest speakers. We will also cover topics like feminism, organic living, immigration and similar.

Which are your values and ideals? Can these become your goal?

How to think green:

There are several perspectives to have in mind, when trying to make choices that are good for the environment, as well as for our own health. Here is an example. Let’s say you want to buy a pair of jeans. Then you need to think about the following besides design, fit and price:

  • Which type of fabric and how it is made, to be organic
  • Which type of dye is used and how it is made, to be eco-friendly
  • How it is manufactured, to curb climate change
  • Workers conditions, to be socially responsible as well as fairtrade ( paid according to share)
  • How the waste is taken care of, to be eco-friendly
  • How the distribution goes, to be sustainable
  • How long they will last, to be durable in comparison to the above

(These factors can also be taken into account for other things than jeans.)

A great example of a green innovation is the Orange fiber, an Italian business, who has created a new type of fabric, through making cellulose from oranges after they have been used to make juice.

Do you have any ideas of how to live a greener life? Let’s meet at Telluselle Living Center and brainstorm!