Writing as therapy – from copywriting to coaching

I’ve got my first journal when I was seven years old and started to document what I had eaten and done during the day, including buying clothes with my mother and what I had received. I continued journaling throughout my upbringing and soon found comfort in sharing my worst feelings and fears. I also grew very fond of Anne Frank, thanks to our own family history where my grandmother survived the Holocaust and we visited Anne Frank’s hideaway in Amsterdam when I was a young teen. I decided to save all my diaries in case I one day would be discovered too…

My mother was a language teacher and my father worked as a journalist and author, so it was only natural that I became a copywriter in the beginning of my 20’s. Unfortunately, all my diaries became destroyed in a fire in the attic, in my apartment building where I had kept them. But, I also found relief to write about fun things, products and services that are useful and make me curious, and even tried writing some poetry. Most often, poems come to me naturally in their own form of inspiration that just enables me to write them down, with a little finetuning and editing.

In my 30’s, I began to journal more consciously, with self-assessment tools, affirmations, plans and goals, and lists of gratitude. This became the beginning of my career as a life coach and I also wrote a newsletter for a couple of years, with different theme words for each one, after finishing my Swedish university degree in Workscience.

Hence, after my mother passed when I was 34, it was only natural for me to process it all in writing. I had also written down the story of my life to this point when I was 25, after I had come out of a destructive relationship with a man I used to work with. This, however, was never published after an agent’s recommendation to not have it backfire, more than it already had with lots of gossip around town.

My grieving process took me to Hawaii in September 2004 to study, which I did from December to June 2005. During this time, i got ample time to renew my perspective and ambitions for life, while also looking to define love in an effort to heal myself. I soon realised that I wasn’t feeling my true feminine essence, which became the focus of my journey. After some years in Sweden, where it was first written in Swedish but without publisher and I also had changed my name, I decided to translate and develop it into a version more fit for an American audience, from where I have drawn much inspiration. It was my goal to have it published and marketed in 2011, while moving to San Francisco, where I also wanted to build Telluselle Living Center, after another year in Honolulu to get my Master’s degree, or a Graduate certificate, in Organizational Change. I had just gotten a promise to be able to publish it with Hay House’s self-publishing department called Balboa Press, when… I was detained and put into a legal jeopardy by Hawaii Pacific University, who delayed the transfer of my Swedish graduate credits.

Soon, I understood that I also had to heal my masculine essence and how my father has shaped me. Often, men are seen as authority, wherefore it became easy to see my battle with authorities as an extension of battling with him. So, another book became about in 2012 and 13, after I had been deported. I also submitted about a dozen witness testimonies to the UNOHCHR to ensure a better respect for Human Rights of immigrants to be upheld. The UN in Geneva, made their own investigation and conducted more interviews with others in 2014-16. And in 2017, I edited both my books to the best of my ability and was ready for the big launch with the kind of PR I have gotten my entire life…

But. Some people in Sweden, including authorities, have some kind of problem with my career development and most of all perhaps, with my personal development as I stepped out of the roles I’ve played. and instead developed a stronger sense of self. I also knew that I had to heal my inner child from its own perspective, to let it be reclaimed and integrated in a more lifegiving way that also has enabled me to experience true joy. This is why I lived in Portugal in 2019-20, after which I had originally planned to move to San Francisco.

Instead, the same envious and jealous Swedish woman tried to sabotage me even more, that has resulted in a legal battle ongoing since 2015, but escalated since 2018, that I’d like American authorities to help me with, since I also was made homeless during this time and had to wait for 3 years to get my teeth done, due to someone’s wrongfully registration of my whereabouts in the Swedish tax records. Now, it’s 2023, and after summer, I hope I can finally move, depending on my skincancer and any other circumstances out of my control. Meanwhile, I work as a freelancing translator and life-coach, while always practicing my favorite wellness practices, and dancing too of course.

So, stay tuned! And, if you so would like, read more about my books here, available worldwide on Amazon and Kindle.

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