Humans are like plants

Sometimes, I like resembling humans with plants. I think it’s an awesome mirror for understanding how our true needs must be met and how they all have an effect on each other.

We need to have soil for our roots to grow in. The soil is our society and where we physically live.

We need to have nourishment. This is water and food, and to breathe.

We need to have light. This is the essence of our connection and oneness with all earthlings. We need both sunshine and shade.

We need kindness. Harsh words hurt us like abuse on the skin, while kind caresses us. Plants answer the same with green growth and lushness, or drooping and shrinking.

What if it’s this simple, that our spiritual channels in fact are the channel which air and light goes through and this is what we’re affected by? That, when it’s dark and cloudy, our minds grow weary, while a sunny day brings forth more clarity of mind? I think it is so.

Which plant would you be? How can you understand yourself better by comparison?

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