The rhythms of life

Yesterday, when I practiced Isadora Duncan dance, we were focusing on various technical details and noticing the difference between regular Modern and Isadora. How we hold our arms or lift our legs, is not the same. How we accentuate and express ourselves. Another thing Sam taught, was the various rhythms we must learn to navigate and communicate with.

We have the physical rhythm – how we move our bodies

We have the emotional rhythm – how we let ourselves be led by the sentiment imbued in the melody or the emotion we would like to express

And we have the musical rhythm – the variations of tempo and the dynamics within crescendo and diminuendo

All these rhythms must be incorporated and balanced throughout the choreography and the phrases.

Can we apply this to our regular life too? Which rhythms are we following when we are out and about in society? This was something that I specifically noticed upon returning to Stockholm, Sweden after having lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for several years. In Hawaii, people walk leisurely and take things slow, while in Stockholm people rush to even be on the right end of the train, to arrive at the nearest exit, and become ballistic if the train is late for 2 minutes. In Honolulu, one should be happy if the bus shows up within 2 hours. Thus, this is society’s rhythm.

The natural rhythm is a bonus to be part of. The way the ocean crashes on the shore or how the storm makes us rush inside to be in harmony with the seasons.

Which rhythm are you following and can you sense that there are different ones?

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