Keeping a fun-account

We all know how well we can feel, after a good belly laugh. You know one of those, when we almost can’t stop, or even cry happy tears? Having fun is also a sure way to tend to your wellness and self-care, even with small giggles. So take out your journal, or have a cup of coffee with a friend, and come up with at least 5 things that you think is fun to do and make you laugh. Bring out the list regularly to ensure you also do one of them, such as once a month. And always add more things, when you feel it!

My list goes:

  1. Watching old Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers
  2. Watching Fawlty Towers with John Cleese
  3. Skipping barefoot as part of dancing Isadora Duncan
  4. Having a glass of white wine and reminisce silly moments
  5. Daring to put my head under water in a pool or the ocean

Laughter brings forth joy!

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